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Golden week market: Policy dense   trading stability — property — original title: golden week market — policies more stable trading city during the golden week introduction of market regulation policy "to carry out the policies applied by the city" Liwan District a real estate opening on the first day, members of the public to see the sales center building. Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Youzi photo of this National Day holiday on the property market seems to be too far. And the previous "in the days before the national day of the introduction of a national macro-control measures is different, in addition to the city property prices rose significantly in September following the introduction of restriction policy, nearly every day during the National Day holiday hot city issued regulation policy, the purchase of credit limit or join the ranks. While some of the rapid increase in property prices, even if the purchase is not restricted to buyers, have also issued a notice to strengthen supervision. It is worth noting that, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nanjing, which has previously issued a number of strict control measures in the city, even during the national day of further regulation and control. Specific to each city, it is not difficult to find the biggest difference between the regulation and the past is because of the city policy, each issued regulatory notice of the city according to their respective characteristics of the specific regulatory measures released.   Foshan last night, the introduction of the new deal in 8 regions of the purchase of the credit limit and Foshan is really the real thing! Yesterday at 9 pm, the Foshan Municipal People’s Government Office issued a "Circular on further promoting the city’s real estate market measures to steady and healthy development" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the Chancheng District of Foshan City, Guicheng, Dali, Nanhai District, Shunde water, Daliang District, Lecong District, Chen Cun, north? The implementation of the new policy of commercial property purchase restrictions and differential housing credit policy. Residents in the purchase area to buy second suites to provide more than 1 year tax or social security proof of city residence households have 2 or more housing units in the city, to suspend its new commodity housing sales in the above-mentioned areas; non city residence households without housing in the city, you can purchase a new commodity housing in the area. Non city residence households in the city has 1 housing units in the area, buy second sets of new commercial housing, the need for the purchase of the first 2 years total in the city to pay more than 1 year of personal income tax or social insurance contributions that, through the payment of personal income tax or social insurance contributions that will not be identified; non city residence households in the city has 2 or more housing units, to suspend the sale of the new housing area; the purchase of time that, in the departments of the city real estate information system based on the time of the purchase contract signed. For the first time the purchase of the first payment of at least 30% second suites down payment of at least 40% in the purchase of the area, residents families for the purchase of ordinary housing (referring to the purchase of housing, never) in accordance with national policies, for commercial individual housing loans the minimum down payment ratio of not less than 30%. Purchase loan records, but did not apply for loans to purchase the actual housing households; a set of housing, but there is no record of the residents of the home purchase loans or the corresponding purchase loans have been settled households, for commercial)相关的主题文章: