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"I was like" sins "Xu Dongdong became popular after 90 most sexy little black dress" – actor Xu Dongdong Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news 2016 "hit" crime than to let more people know the new generation of popular actress Xu Dongdong, she will be more than "sins" in the interpretation of the law is both mysterious and amazing, to the audience left indelible impression. Let her become the representative of "90 four Yi". After appearing in "Yu sin", Xu Dongdong’s popularity soared, and was named "one of the friends and the media 90 four little black dress". In the industry, Tsing Yi is defined as the most important role in the stage play, are virtuous, gentle and demure woman, extended to the modern film and television drama, drama and table refers to elegant, powerful aura main female character. The strength of the body of Xu Dongdong is a typical representative of modern small Tsing Yi, with South Korean angel face, known as "the first Asian breast", from the appearance to let others envy, is sexy is her biggest label. Looking at her after the popular TV drama, Xu Dongdong prefer development from the film, "Macao vice" in 3 arrogant domineering dice king, "trump card" with Rebecca ace brilliant sultry female leader of American girl Xu Dongdong, 90 to go beyond their own age attitude interpretation of every corner of color, often a play, the audience she could not help but like a powerful gas field. May Xu Dongdong in acting on the road more walk better, 90 the most sexy little Tsing Yi is fully deserve!相关的主题文章: