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Song Yang’s " " a Red Cross Youth Challenge industry; after the new theme – entertainment channel,     according to the boot at Shanghai fashion IP drama "the famous writer canoe novel of the same name of a grain of dust" days ago. The play by the Huace Hatton’s one of the most creative drama core Ltd., absolute quality script successfully moved to "fourth master" Nicky Wu, "after the first show" most willing to sacrifice, and speed up the popularity of Ying Er "abnormal bright gem CP". It is worth mentioning that, at the beginning of the project incubation, the producers on the lock of the soul of the play "mainland idol drama magician" director Song Yang. The relevant person in charge of party produced drama core culture, the early invited director Song Yang to join, not only because he has created many famous youth drama mainland screen, but also because of its sharp market detection capability, unique appreciation and rich creative experience. "We fully believe that Song Yang will lead the team behind the luxury of the team, to bring the audience a legendary fashion love journey!" Mainland idol drama "magic" hot topic "specialist" director Song Yang’s work style span is quite broad, both costume drama and Modern Romance Drama, or youth idol drama, he has dabbled. In the field of youth idol drama, Song Yang director for the hot topic of the fermentation ability of the drama is very strong, often for the mainland drama dedication tide pioneer drama". Among them, the "Invincible Ugly 2", "meteor rain" series of popular works, creating a strong Hunan TV drama boom. At that time, "Invincible Ugly 2" premiere will get 1.91% of the ratings, "with the view of the popular rain" ratings success breaking 3. At that time the mainland idol drama scarce, South Korea flooded the market flow pattern, Song Yang director with unique vision and a keen market sense and neither selection nor star, costly, but the depth of excavation in the modern city of small characters, the role of the internal process of vivid analysis, big to small successes, not only by the industry highly praised, but also a number of mining such as Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang and other young actors, they led the speed to become active in the forefront of cutting-edge security viewing screen. Song Yang in the romantic comedy narrative style collocation, use pleasing lens to create youth fashion vision, insights into life itself which gives the characters and works more profound meaning and connotation, unique creative thinking ability to control urban inspirational Youth Drama to get praise and praise of the industry market. Directed by the "beauty" of a drama for the fourth session of the China TV art "double top ten" Director Award nomination of honor, is a leader in the mainland youth idol drama director, also known as the "mainland idol". The relevant person in charge of party produced drama core culture that is the value of its unique creative ideas and highly creative passion, produced in "a world of mortals" at the beginning of incubation to director Song Yang handed out an olive branch.     challenge in the fashion circle "jewel" building)相关的主题文章: