Media integration era of China’s international communication strategy layout need to avoid the three-月丘うさぎ

The media integration era layout China international communication strategy to avoid three errors – the media – original title: media power Chinese international communication strategy layout recent closing of the leaders of the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou, President Xi Jinping pointed out, "the Internet as the core of a new round of technological and industrial revolution is poised to change rapidly new technology of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, combination of virtual and real economy, will give people’s production and life brought about revolutionary changes." In this historical moment, it is necessary for us to grasp the trends and characteristics of a new round of technological and industrial revolution, to rethink the communication strategy China previous international, in the background of new media technology to lead the depth of integration, update propagation concepts and methods, and more effectively promote the China cultural soft power and in the pattern of world opinion words right. Overall, the depth of integration of the media under the background of China’s international communication strategy layout need to avoid three mistakes. First of all, to avoid the "indoctrination" spread, the establishment of a common connection with overseas audiences. In the background of the integration of media depth, international communication is given new connotation, the traditional means of communication is limited to real space and borders, is interpersonal communication and community communication by dilution, showing a "retribalization" trend. The overseas audience is a broad, diverse and complex group, which has significant differences in the cultural background, the way of thinking, the characteristics of identity, and the reception psychology of communication. Moreover, the overseas audience is significantly different from the domestic audience, and other countries are usually not at the core of their concerns, the main motivation for their contact is to get a new perspective on their domestic and international political issues. In view of this, "the flood" "indoctrination" mode of communication not only plays its due role, but will be counterproductive, rejection and disgust caused by overseas audience. The current development of artificial intelligence technology for the media to quickly, effectively and accurately with the overseas audience to establish a general association provides an important opportunity. At present, the use of artificial intelligence planning topics, editing, distribution of the work and the independent editing of the news media platform has emerged. Under the new situation China international strategic layout of the media need to make full use of artificial intelligence technology, accurate grasp of the overseas audience, the different needs of different tribes, and community groups to achieve intelligent delivery from content production to construction, with its familiar channels, familiar and familiar with the language, speak China story about the audience, and they speak good story to the relevant international Chinese perspective, re interpretation of their stories to China concept. Secondly, to avoid the "internal propaganda and publicity two skins", promote the publicity to the development of internal and external financing, the overall development direction. The background of the integration of media depth, information dissemination has been through a variety of channels in the declaration and propaganda of the digestion depth boundary, such as digital media, aggregation platform and multi micro terminal "(micro-blog, WeChat, and other news client) the rapid development of the overseas media and the audience can easily get the first time Chinese of all aspects of domestic information; there are many foreign institutions and reporters use international communication China existing information collection system, communication platform and human resources; the media after a long period of development has also been Chinese territory)相关的主题文章: