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The doctor tell you the importance of health – maternal postpartum recovery of Sohu on September 9, 2016 at 9:30 in the morning, the Jilin state health maternity hospital gynecological clinic doctor Fang Xiaoyu who sat off "love time" column, the connection form of the party, the doctor explains postpartum vaginal relaxation effects on the lives of women, as well as the influence of postpartum female gynecological health on family life. Fang said that postpartum women’s health problems are mainly reflected in postpartum vaginal relaxation. After the birth of the female vagina will appear different degrees of relaxation, not only affect the feelings between husband and wife, but also threaten the health of women’s gynecological. If you lose the vaginal help ability, increase the accumulation of bacteria, not the vagina and remove dead skin cells in vitro. This will lead to vaginal flora imbalance, resulting in vaginal itching, leucorrhea and other abnormal phenomena. In the course of time there will be severe cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases, let a female friend feel miserable. Vaginal relaxation of the vaginal muscle tension decreased estrogen secretion, which will lead to decreased ovarian function. Estrogen secretion abnormal women mainly for menstrual disorders, facial chloasma, bags under the eyes deepened. It is recommended that we usually exercise more to reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases. What kind of treatment should be taken for vaginal relaxation?. Suggested that the mother postpartum eat some containing collagen and protein foods, such as sea cucumber and shark’s fin, bird’s nest, pig, beef tendon, white fungus and so on. Although the diet has some effect, but the effect is slow. Second, through the movement to promote the recovery of the pelvic floor, but the movement is often unable to grasp the standard, so the effect is not very ideal. Third, recent advances in medical science and technology, the birth of the pelvic floor muscle recovery treatment, it can strengthen the vaginal muscle exercise by treatment of the Wahaha ball, promote vaginal wall muscle elasticity, make sexual life more harmonious. In addition, but also to inform female friends, in order to create a better atmosphere of life, a healthy family life, there must be a good mentality in the face of postpartum maintenance. Daily more exercise, planning diet with treatment, which is more conducive to early recovery to a good state. The above is about the impact of postpartum maintenance on the family and the relevant conditioning program. Moderator: importance at 42 days after delivery to the mother party? Doctor: whether delivery or cesarean section of the female body will have a certain injury, under normal circumstances, 42 days postpartum bodymetabolism basically returned to normal. 42 days after the examination is to observe whether the body of the woman is the normal level of recovery, one of which is to observe the female vaginal wall, there is no laceration. These physical indicators directly related to the future will not lead to gynecological diseases. Moderator: it seems that if the 42 days of inspection is not enough attention, it is easy for future health hidden dangers. Fang Fang: postpartum vaginal relaxation 42 days after the review found early, you can take the first time treatment measures. If after 42 days without inspection, on their own situation is not enough to understand, over time it will be difficult to restore to the state before. So in excitement, cough, spray.相关的主题文章: