In these 6 cases, your social security card will fail-捷安特xtc750

When the 6 situations your social security card deafed social security card, the full name of "People’s Republic of China social security card", refers to the Ministry of human resources and social security of unified planning, provincial, municipal human resources and social security departments jointly issued with commercial banks for personal identity, documents, information recording, self inquiry, medical billing, pay and receive treatment in social security applications, IC card and cash access, transfer, consumer and other financial applications, is the information carrier of cardholders enjoy human resources and social security rights. One card in hand, traveled around the world do not worry, is a social security card image description. But you know what? If the insured personnel in violation of the provisions of basic medical insurance, will be stopped using social security card! Which conditions are illegal? The workers’ daily Xiaobian take you to check the ~~1 with a social security card to buy health care products or supplies to 2 drug medication (substance) drugs, and to resell, false inspection treatment projects in obtaining medical insurance fund, beyond the scope of purchase 3 false hoarding drugs use other social security card in the hospital, should have own payment the medical expenses paid by social security accounts for others. 4 forged medical records, bills forgery or use of false medical records, prescription, laboratory test report, disease diagnosis and other medical instruments and medical bills, as a medical insurance account reimbursement vouchers, as medical insurance fraud. The 5 drugs used in the hospital medical insurance card reselling drug beyond the required dose condition, and then reselling the prescribed drugs, this means taking behavior of the fund belongs to the social security card, illegal profit or unjust enrichment. 6 I will lend to others of the social security card lent to others for medical treatment. Illegal use of social security card, the consequences are very serious! In October 1, 2015 the implementation of the criminal law amendment (nine), will be incorporated into the social security card can be used in the proof of identity documents according to law, put forward two aspects, one is the sale of forged or altered, the social security card behavior, criminal responsibility shall be investigated; two is the use of forged or altered or stolen social security card behavior who shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Specific provisions: article 280th of the criminal law stipulates: "the documents forged or altered, the sale of identity card, passport, social security card, driver’s license can be used to prove the identity of the law, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights, and be fined; if the circumstances are serious, three years more than seven years of fixed-term imprisonment, fined." "Should provide proof of identity in accordance with state regulations activities, use of forged or altered or stolen identity card, passport, social security card, driver’s license can be used as proof of identity documents in accordance with the law, if the circumstances are serious, detention or control, or impose a fine gold."相关的主题文章: