Guangzhou official response to the mall built large zoo encourage innovation in the format-pp点点通2006

Guangzhou official response: to encourage the construction of large shopping malls in the zoo format innovation on 22 September, Xinhua Guangzhou (reporter Wang Pan) in the shopping center 7 building an area of nearly 6000 square meters of "animal paradise", including the giant panda, tiger breeding, only 378 the size of the animal and insect – recently, located in Grandview Plaza the related construction plan of Guangzhou central business district in the area of Tianhe Road to EIA publicity, causing social concern. At the 22 International Shopping Festival held in Guangzhou conference, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce official said that the current construction plan is still in the process of listening to public opinion. As the Millennium providers, Guangzhou encourage innovation, while the specific operation to be carried out in accordance with the law, the relevant decisions should be made by the industry, the public and government departments to participate in the three parties. "A cinema from the mall to the fresh vegetables into the supermarket, Guangzhou has been an important source of domestic commercial innovation. Under the impact of the Internet economy, some shopping malls, enterprises have an urgent need for transformation and upgrading, which requires both public tolerance, but also need to actively supervise the competent authorities." Yang Yong, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of commerce. Previously, Grandview Plaza launched by the same floor renovation shopping center "indoor air polar ocean project, polar bear, beluga whales and other animal exhibit, caused many disputes and social criticism. The main opposition believes that the planning and construction of the zoo and aquarium has similar construction, there are prominent animal rights can not be implemented, it is difficult to control the environmental sanitation, air pollution and other issues may be, decision-making must be careful, otherwise it will cause significant adverse effects. Attend the conference is the best group vice chairman, Tianhe Road, President of the chamber of Commerce Xie Meng said that at present the Grandview Plaza, Tianhe Road shopping district is from the traditional business model to the "business combination" mode, the transformation direction in mind in addition to the zoo, including the Museum of natural history, intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall, art museum so, the emergence of new formats will be a process of "building", the construction side will listen to the views of all parties and comply with the relevant requirements of the competent authorities. According to statistics of Tianhe Road, a total area of 1 million 500 thousand square meters of Tianhe Road shopping district has Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Tianhe Sports Center and other 5 large-scale cultural and sports facilities, 22 shopping centers, 12 five star hotels and more than 1 thousand food stores, has a strong influence on the market. 2015 total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 54 billion yuan, an increase of 15%. The reporter learned from the parties concerned, at present in the chamber of Commerce to promote, encourage more commercial shopping center facilities in the construction of tourism projects, the core engine role to strengthen the Tianhe Road shopping district to lead the future of Guangzhou commerce industry internationalization "". But some industry insiders also said during an interview with reporters, in practice, commercial innovation because it involves cross-border issues, new areas and new problems often involve some blank of laws and regulations, how to improve the regulatory mechanism will be a major test of city management.相关的主题文章: