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5 tips to make your engagement ring looks more shining lead: every woman wants to have a bright diamond. We also have to admit that the size and size of rings are very important to brides. After consulting GIA Certified Expert Emily Parker, we’ve analyzed five techniques that will make your engagement ring look brighter! 5 tips make your engagement ring look brighter. Consider the color diamond. The classic diamond has always been the first choice for modern people, but now consider the colorful diamond. Designers will create a fashionable style, with its overall appearance to deceive people’s eyes, so that you feel that this diamond is very big, very shiny. If you don’t want to break the tradition too quickly, you can find some lighter colors, such as light pink, blue and green. Don’t carry multiple rings. If your engagement ring is a small diamond, you don’t recommend wearing multiple rings on the same hand, because they may deprive you of the brilliance of the engagement ring. Make something smaller, and make sure that the diamond on your engagement ring is dazzling in the crowd. Make sure it’s the biggest one in the ring. Pick a narrow wedding ring and a shiny little diamond to avoid looking too heavy, which will make your engagement ring look bigger. Find relevant highlights although ordinary bride ring has some out of date collection, but they are actually to show you some exquisite dazzling diamonds, let you have a wise choice in the selection of engagement ring. You can find out, let yourself refer to, to see what is more suitable for themselves. To keep the rings clean, in order to pursue bright visual effects, we have to regularly clean engagement rings. The cleaner the ring, the bigger it becomes, the brighter it shines. In order to make your engagement ring look brighter, it’s best to wash it many times a year. However, some of the more complex mosaics will gather more dust, which requires us to wash it more frequently. (source: bride net)

5个技巧让你的订婚戒指看起来更闪耀   导语:每个女人都希望拥有一颗璀璨的美钻。我们也不得不承认,戒指的大小尺寸 对准新娘们来说很重要。请教了GIA认证的专家艾米丽帕克,我们分析出 以下五个技巧会让你的订婚戒指看起来更闪耀! 5个技巧让你的订婚戒指看起来更闪耀   考虑彩色的钻石   经典的钻石一直是现代人的首要选择,但现在不妨考虑一下彩色的钻石。设计师们会打造一个时尚流行的款式,用它整体的外观去欺骗人们的眼球,让大家觉得这颗钻石很大,很闪亮。如果你不太想太快的打破传统,可以找一些比较浅的颜色,比如淡粉红色,蓝色和绿色。   不要带多个戒指   如果你的订婚戒指是一颗比较小的钻石,就不建议在同一只手上佩戴多个戒指,因为它们可能会夺走你订婚戒指的光彩。   让其他东西小一些   为了让你订婚戒指上的钻石在人群中耀眼夺目,一定要保证它是整个戒指中最大的一个。可以挑选一个细窄的婚戒指环和一颗比较闪亮的小钻石,要避免它们看起来很厚重,这样会让你的订婚戒指看起来更大一些。    找相关的集锦   虽然普通的新娘钻戒合集已经有一些过时了,但实际上它们是为了向你展示一些制作精良的耀眼美钻,让你在挑选订婚戒指时有一个比较明智的选择。你不妨找出来让自己参考一下,看看哪一些比较适合自己。    保持戒指的清洁   为了追求闪亮的视觉效果,我们要定期清洗订婚戒指。戒指清洗的越干净它就会显得越大,越闪耀。为了让你的订婚戒指显得更璀璨最好一年清洗多次。然而一些较为复杂的镶嵌会聚集更多的灰尘,需要我们更频繁的去清洗它。(来源:新娘网)相关的主题文章: