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Spirituality Do You Know the Secret? If not, why not? And what exactly am I talking about anyway? I’m talking about the hot movie going around the internet called The Secret. It’s available to be watched on the web or can be purchased on DVD at The movie is sweeping spiritual .munities across the country, being shown in church after church, state after state. The buzz just keeps growing. So what is The Secret? It’s the Law of Attraction. Simply stated that means "like attracts like." The energy that you give out, is the energy that is returned to you. Or even, "what goes around, .es around." You attract into your life whatever you focus on – whether it’s negative or positive, whether you want it or not. That is the truth of the Law of attraction, plain and simple. It is a Universal Principle. Let’s say you’re worried about not having enough money (a .mon .plaint, to be sure) and you wish to have more in your bank account. Well, focusing on NOT having enough invokes the Law of Attraction to continue your predominant thought – not having enough. As you think, so you receive. So what you must do is picture yourself, FEEL yourself, being prosperous. Yes, feeling is critical. It makes all the difference in the strength of your manifestation. Feel what it would feel like to have a checking account filled seven figures even better — eight figures! Picture those numbers on your monthly bank statement. Visualize those numbers clearly in your mind, see the printed numerals on the page itself. Feel what it would be like to be that wealthy. Feel the freedom from burden, freedom from stress. Shift it further. Feel the excitement of being able to do ANYTHING you want. Cost is no longer an issue. Feel yourself starting to soar with your new potential. But keep going. Visualize yourself using that wealth. Put it to good use. Maybe visualize driving a high-powered sports car, sailing on a yacht around the world, or holding extravagant parties at your chateau in the south of France. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Not as long as yourdesire puts you in a high vibrational state. That’s the key to manifesting whatever you want. Getting into the highest vibrational state you possibly can and holding that state for as long as you can. At first, this may seem difficult, but with time it will get easier. It will even be.e fun. Now you may ask yourself HOW this new-found prosperity is supposed to occur? What do you have to do? That’s the magic of the Law of Attraction. It is not your job to know how it will occur. It is your job to hold a clear vision of what it is you want and FEEL it into existence. As you continue to so do, strange things will being to occur. People, places, and circumstances will show up in your life in ways that you couldn’t have planned for. Opportunities will "fall into your lap." Your job is to watch for these opportunities, then follow them. Trust your intuition and take the steps necessary to move forward into your new life of prosperity. Follow the guideposts. As the Bible states, "It is done unto you as you believe." And that, my friends, is the secret of the Law of Attraction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: