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Currency-Trading Forex trading is considered to be one of the riskiest assets to play with. Inherent leveraged trading could be one of the reasons. The leveraged trading of forex multiplies your losses. Numerous factors .e together to move the currencies. Knowing these factors will help you be.e a good trader. Forex data release is one such movers of forex market. Substantial Risk Involved in Trading News The data release time is one of the most volatile times experienced in the markets. A hundred pips move in few seconds is not un.mon. You can make a lot of money by being in the market during such time but you also take the substantial risk which may not be suitable for you. Your stop loss may not work because market will fall or rise in seconds usually missing your stops. Inexperienced traders can stay out of the market. This way you will save a lot of mental distraught. Novice traders should trade during forex data release but on a demo account till they get .fortable. To assist you on your forex currency trading, you’ll need a reliable broker. Check out best forex trading strategy to have a list of the most effective trading system youll find online. Major Mover of Currency- Macroeconomic Factors The price of financial assets change in accordance with the perception of the market to certain events. For stocks it could be anything from macro level announcement to the micro level announcement by the .pany. In contrast the currency market moves mainly in response to macroeconomic factors. A currency reflects the performance of a country so it is obvious that the data .ing out of that country will be of paramount importance for the movement of that particular currency. Forex data release from Japan will move the Japanese Yen. Many of the European countries use Euro as their currency. So if any data is .ing out of European countries, it will have an impact on the price of Euro. Expected Data- Lack of Volatility There will be times when market will not react violently to the news. Not much of huge moves will be seen at times. Many cite the reason of the discount already factored in by the market. The expected data by market participants is publicly known. The actual data announced is same as expected data, market has already discounted such data and it will not react heavily to news announcement. The important forex data release like interest rate decision, non farm payroll etc will usually .e with lot of volatility. If you dont have much experience, you should not trade during such times. Go to Dukascopy review which spread is considered the lowest and they are known to be capable of maintaining decent spread also during news releases. Many other data announcements are closely followed like consumer price index, consumer confidence index, GDP, trade balances etc. The currencies you should keep your eye on for data release are USD, GBP, EURO, CHF, CAD, AUD, NZD, and JPY. Many websites have up to date information on the forex data release. A lot of money can be made from trading during the data release within a short span of time. But you will have to know how to interpret the market before and after the data release quickly. If you can not take quick decision you should not be trading during data release. You make money not only from trading but also from not trading sometimes. Take extreme caution while you trade. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: