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Spirituality There are many energy healing techniques alluded to throughout the vast array of healing quotes available on the internet. Reviewing them would reveal to the reader an interesting trend: regardless of what culture the quote originates from, the underlying information is relatively identical. Whether the energy healing technique originates in Hawaii, India, Asia, or Europe, there are several core tenets of understanding that are present. The effective understanding of these energy healing methods will result in a person who is able to holistically heal themselves and others through the manipulation of energy fields. In the Asian cultures, these are generally referred to as Chi. In Middle Eastern cultures, they are referred to as Chakras. Many people have heard these terms but fail to understand what they are truly for. The understanding of these terms is essential to successfully applying any energy healing techniques to your body. If you are looking for way to apply these techniques, then you could start by studying some of the well established and socially accepted forms of energy healing . These include Qi Gong, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. These methods are .monly accepted and well known as energy healing techniques with many followers. While they all suffer from the same stigmas as any form of mysticism, they are ideal for the beginning learner of energy healing, as the body of work available is vast. If you have ever heard of Tai Chi, you have heard of Qi Gong. This is a form of energy healing that relies on manipulating the body in a way that manipulates and stimulates the flow of Chi. In Chinese culture, Chi is an energy that is all en.passing and is present in everything including the air, water, and your pet cat Mitzy. If you are looking for a more western approach to energy healing, consider the therapeutic touch method, which is practiced by nurses in many hospitals throughout the United States. It is a .bination of massage and intentional touch. It is used to send good energy through from the healer (nurse) to the patient. It has be.e so well respected that there is an official diagnosis available now, known as disrupted energy. There are many other practices available. They all provide the same basic set of principles on which you are to manipulate energy, releasing negative energies from your body and obtaining positive energies. They all rely on familiar with your healthiest state of energy and regularly monitoring your bodys energies to ensure that all is grounded and aligned. Once you have begun practicing this fine art, you will easily learn that there are many ways to approach it that are individual and unique. You do not need to follow all of the principles of any given practice, as it is largely a person experience. Unless you are receiving all of your energy healing from others, you will quickly find that you learn what works best for you. And once you learn this, you will be a true master of energy manipulation and healing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: