A Day For An Indian Bridal Dress, Salwar Kameez-下北glory days

UnCategorized I recently married the love of my life, and that prompted me to write this article. Most people spend their whole lives looking for the perfect man or the perfect wedding, but lucky for me, I had both those things! Our wedding was Telugu style as we belong to Southern India. To make sure that all goes well, and the wedding is blessed, we start off by offering prayers to Lord Vinayaka. The next step was to find the perfect wedding dress, and I started to shop around for a ‘kanchi pattu’ saree, which is the made of the finest kanchi silk. Red and yellow are considered lucky for the bridal colors and black is considered quite the opposite. Most brides make the mistake and go on very strict diets to drop down sizes to look nice and thin for their wedding. Crash dieting is a bad idea, since a bride needs to be healthy during stressful wedding planning, and might end up looking tired in the ceremony or in the photographs. The best thing to do is to continue your normal eating habits, and to keep it healthy. Do have large quantities of water and juices to keep from being dehydrated and to keep you going strong. Once I was thought I was mistaken and ended up at someone else’s wedding and not my friend’s. My friend looked so different with heaps of make up on, that I couldn’t even recognize her, so try to keep it simple and be yourself. Keep the jewelry and make up minimal. Try not to look like someone else, but to look the best version of yourself. Food and catering is a vital part of an Indian wedding. The wedding dinner is an assortment of at least 15 dishes including the main course, appetizers, and side dishes. The wedding spread mainly contains vegetarian delicacies and includes vegetable curries, dosa, rice biryani, etc. Dessert and sweet dishes are also an important part of the wedding as they symbolize an auspicious occasion. Choices of sweets are quite wide and may include traditional indian sweets, like laddu, barfee etc. to mark the occasion. Aside from the wedding ceremony, there is a party and pre-wedding ceremonies going on at both the bride and groom’s houses. These days, the most .mon function at the brides house is that of the henna function. This is where women gather and they decorate the brides hands and feet with beautiful henna designs and tattoos. Another pre-wedding party is for ‘sing-song’ or ‘sangeet’, where songs are sung and people sing and dance through the late hours of night. Indian weddings are usually quite grand in scale, and include a long list of guests, family and friends. Rejoicing and feasting continues for several days over the week. The cost of the wedding is covered mainly by the brides family and can cost a lot. Some footage of Indian wedding ceremonies and parties are available on the inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: