2016 Ningbo International Marathon opens today in Lang Ping, Beilun meyou

The 2016 Ningbo International Marathon opened today in Beilun as a leader in Lang Ping leading the guests, the Olympic champion Wang Liping said, "I love Ningbo very much, the climate here is very good, the air is very fresh, the natural environment is also very comfortable, I believe runners through the Ningbo horse, Ningbo in their hearts left a very pleasant experience marathon." The horse ran to the Ningbo friends impressed a lot, on the end point of Large Container Art Exhibition by the 70 painted graffiti on the container, so many runners and spectators to the public. The end point events since the Chinese port museum show China on comprehensive port for thousands of years of cultural history, let run deeply feel the deep cultural connotation of the world of Ningbo port. It is understood that across the Meishan Bay area where the Ningbo horse track basically in Ningbo international marine eco technology city region. Ningbo International Marine Science and Technology City mountain, sea, lake, harbor, bay, and other characteristics of the wetland resources are very rich, is currently the local conditions around the Meishan Bay, the positive development of yacht, sailing, marathon, car, bike etc. all kinds of sports leisure sports projects, infrastructure construction is being accelerated in beach volleyball facilities, including: the beach is located in the million people only offshore Blue Bay — Meishan Bay, Yangtze River Delta region, currently under construction; a total investment of 1 billion yuan in the first phase of the project to build ecological yacht yacht berths 200; Ningbo Guojisaichechang project total investment of 1 billion yuan, is the two European International Speedway in Zhejiang province only, is expected this year to be completed by the end of the main project; Meishan Bay slow system planning and construction, a total of 100 kilometers, can hold the marathon and bicycle races; 7 year In August, 2016 China nautical day cum Ningbo second session of the "New Silk Road" national Regatta is the Gulf of Meishan, Bi Bo brush white sails rippling burst circle of friends. As the horse to Ningbo district — Beilun, not only is the leading regional development in Ningbo, is a city full of sports spirit. From October 2004 Chinese’s home court "in Beilun, Beilun women’s volleyball team with China gone through 12 years of groundless talk. This time, in addition to Ningbo’s first Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong and race Olympic champion Wang Liping led the team in the championship, just Rio China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping and champion player Wei Qiuyue and women’s volleyball legend Zhou Suhong came to lead the cheering Ma yong. Ningbo Beilun is the home of our women’s volleyball team, his family’s things we must fully support!" Lang Ping’s words touched many people. When Lang guide after winning the interview in Ningbo, the first time in an interview with Beilun, thanks to Ningbo, I believe that all the people of Beilun are very proud and happy. Ningbo Municipal Committee, Beilun party secretary Ma Weiguang told reporters, as the city’s development is leading the Beilun municipal government and the people of the city planning and construction support to declare the "Meishan New District", in this context as the 2016 Ningbo Marseille thing organizer, Beilun hopes to further refine the mining Chinese women never give up, solidarity, courage fighting the "women’s spirit" and the spirit of the marathon movement unremittingly to further stimulate the region;相关的主题文章: