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2017 October 10th exam online registration master selected sites should pay attention to the 2017 National Graduate Admissions online forecast name recently launched. According to the unified arrangement, from September 24th to 27, this year’s graduates to predict. After the National Day holiday, October 10th to 31 9:00-22: per day, candidates for online registration. No longer bubao overdue, and shall not modify the registration information. In Sichuan province has set up an application for registration of candidates, must apply for graduate enrollment examination fee 180 yuan. Sichuan provincial education examination reminder, in the online registration, candidates must carefully read the "2017 national Ministry of education graduate enrollment management regulations", "2017 national graduate entrance examination announcement" and Sichuan Province on the online registration information bulletin, and register and admissions unit issued a notice of information and requirements, the correct choice apply for admission units and specific register, to avoid the wrong enrollment unit or register result can not participate in the 2017 graduate enrollment and examination. Online payment registration examination fee is learned, the choice of the candidates in Sichuan province must apply within the prescribed time to pay online registration fee, otherwise the application is invalid. Before submitting the online payment should be carefully read the "Sichuan Province in 2017 graduate enrollment online payment instructions". Candidates must pay attention, fill in the registration information online, "the admissions unit" and "apply", "examination" of three to register key information, whether or not to pay the registration fee, submit the information generated in the registration number, the three are not allowed to modify the information. If the candidates found above key information wrong, should be in the online registration deadline (October 31st) before re login and registration, online payment. Candidates in the submission of information and online payment registration fee, be sure to carefully approve the information, after the end of the online registration, candidates are no longer accepting candidates to apply for information modification. The wrong candidates admissions unit "and" apply "," examination "and other key information, or not according to the prescribed time to register confirmation information network reported, registration is invalid, have to pay the registration fee is not refundable. Candidates who have not participated in the examination, registration fee is not refundable. Before November 12th to register to confirm the registration information according to the regulations, candidates must be on November 12th (the specific time to register the net newspaper announcement) I carry identity cards, academic certificates (including graduation certificate and degree certificate, graduate student card carrying), online registration to the selected register registration information to confirm (in "national postgraduate entrance examination registration registration form" sign), and with the camera, fingerprint and sign the integrity of the examination undertaking according to the register regulations. Not in the specified time for on-site confirmation of the candidates, the application is invalid. In addition, candidates must also pay attention to fresh graduates, in principle, should choose to attend schools where the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) register for online registration and on-site confirmation procedures; separate examination candidates must according to the request submitted by the units selection test (see the release of all admissions unit.相关的主题文章: