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2017 the beginning of a small rise in the money do not pay attention to their parents recently, WeChat in the "Chengdu small rise early message, say a year outside the Western breach are millions, to verify the authenticity of this thing; I also want to know how Chengdu small rise in early penalty is probably what additional condition. The first question, too much water, Xiao Bian is really unable to answer, but on the breach of contract, the small car also want to put a pendulum. Which schools will receive liquidated damages? Small rise in early breach of contract in private schools, public schools are not. Private junior high school enrollment in the beginning of a small rise, once students were admitted to the school, parents need to pay tuition fees and sign the contract. Estoppel behavior after signing the contract, not to go to the school and to return the fees related to the school, parents will need to pay the fee for breach of contract, namely the penalty. Under what conditions will pay liquidated damages? Private school year enrollment is fixed, once the student is admitted to pay the tuition, the school for his free degree, but because the students have a better chance to choose to give up the school enrollment, the beginning of a small rise time node has passed, the school degree will be wasted. Therefore, the default is set in order to ensure that the school’s own income, two is to limit the number of parents accounted for a degree. Many parents have such a mentality: Children’s grades are not good, send a little school deficit, the top schools are not afraid of it, so multi pronged. The results of a careless and admitted to a good school, but in a good school can only read parallel classes, a little school can read the experimental class. But in dozens of people grab a position under the condition of a day to sign a contract, pay tuition, within a week to submit information and pay the tuition, or cancel admission. As a result, the majority of parents have chosen to sign an agreement to enter the gap. Finally, decided to end the child, the free edge of the school demanded a refund, the agreement in breach of the terms should play a role. The following is an admission agreement, we can look at. 2016 into the breach of contract is the annual fee of 20% a year, or $34800, $6960, $20%. When signing a contract, we must pay attention to the contents of the breach, the default is how much, what the fee will not be returned, etc.. Chengdu private junior high school liquidated damages? Different schools, the amount of liquidated damages is not the same. Jiaxiang has a low foreign language Jinjiang campus, a high double in the experiment, up to 12000 yuan. Jiaxiang foreign language school, the three campuses of liquidated damages are not the same, Jinjiang campus is 2000 yuan, Pixian, Chenghua (micro-blog WeChat) two campus for 5000 yuan. Why is that? A parent speculated, who admitted to Jiaxiang Jinjiang will drop out? The amount of liquidated damages should have a great relationship with the attractiveness of the school itself." In order not to pay the default fee, a small rise in early parents can only do the entrance strategy, according to the child achievement, personality, hobbies and other factors, the target of junior high school, can avoid a disorderly bump.相关的主题文章: