325 aftershocks intensity decreased Beijing – frequency in Gyeongju Korea after the earthquake aspack

325 aftershocks strength frequency decreased – Beijing, Beijing, September 16, according to South Korean media reports Gyeongju Korea South Korea in September 12th, after a strong earthquake, Qingzhou area occurred after the 5.8 earthquake, up to 15 days, a total of 325 aftershocks occurred in the period of 4 days. The Korea meteorological department said 15 evening at 9:29 PM 1.9 earthquake occurred in Gyeongju, southwest 9 kilometers, this is the 325th earthquake occurred after the earthquake qingzhou. Before the evening 8:48 and 7:47 in the same also occurred in 2.6 and 2.2 aftershocks, 3 aftershocks occurred in a total of 2 hours. September 12th evening local time, South Korea Gyeongbuk kingzo southwest after earthquake, the local people have fled to the open area of hedging. As of press time, there are no reports of casualties. Meteorological Agency said that after 13 aftershocks, intensity and frequency significantly reduced. 93 aftershocks after the earthquake occurred in 12, 13, 195, 14, 26, 15, 11, 13 days after the self sustained showed a decreasing trend. In addition, in the 325 aftershocks so far, the magnitude of the aftershocks of the magnitude of 1.5 to 310 times, from 3 to 4 aftershocks, there are 14 times, the magnitude of the magnitude of 4 to 5 aftershocks of the 1. Since 8:24 on the morning of 13, did not occur more than more than 3 aftershocks.相关的主题文章: