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59.4% of the respondents had the wrong way of education because their parents hurt — Education — people.com.cn original title: 59.4% of the respondents had the wrong way of education because their parents have been hurt by the recent discussion, adolescent children education family drama "separation" of a hot screen. The mother of the play only heavy child scores and school, peep children’s mobile phones and diaries and other acts caused her daughter. Last week, China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire, display a parenting survey of 2001 people, 59.4% of the respondents had the wrong parents education way and hurt. In the respondents view, the parents of the two major errors in the way of education is only concerned about the child’s scores and academic (55.4%) and "stick style education" (50.3%). 39.1% of respondents believe that the ideal parent-child relationship is also teachers and friends, but there are boundaries. Respondents, 00 accounted for 0.9%, after 90 accounted for 80 percent, accounting for 80% of the total, after accounting for 19.9%, accounting for about 60, accounting for about 50 after the year of 1.2%, accounting for about 52.8% of the total number of the total number of people by the end of the year, accounting for about 6.6%, accounting for about 70. 73.7% of respondents had children, and 26.3% had No. 59.4% of the respondents had the wrong way of education because their parents hurt 80 girls Tan Yiwen is always the eyes of parents baby. From high school to college, her grades are always in the forefront of the grade, junior high school with only one exception, did not test into the top 10." Tan Yiwen memories, the second day, she met a stray cat on the way to school, want to hold home, but parents think that delays in school, do not agree. So I kept it in a garage near my home". In order to have time to get along with the cat, Tan Yiwen half an hour early every morning to go to school, save money to buy a cat to buy breakfast food. I always stay home after school. "Later the mid-term exam did not test well, ranking fell to 50 year away. Home was a harsh training parents." Parents in order to urge her to learn, not only let her go and play the cat, and every school shuttle, "monitor" her home on time and avoid more fun. "It makes me very sad. On the one hand, they deprive me of my freedom. On the other hand, they don’t trust me." In the face of the wrong parental education, 52.9% of respondents had complained. Only 34.1% of respondents had never complained about their parents. 11.7% of respondents said not to say. Only 1.3% of the respondents felt that their parents’ education was correct. In the type of parental error in education, "only concerned about the child’s scores and academic" and "stick type education" ranked one or two respondents selected, accounting for 55.4% and 50.3%, respectively. Entrepreneurship in Tianjin Zhou Jingyuan (a pseudonym) by the grandfather and grandmother with a large, very few with their parents. "When I was young, parents are in the fight career, my concern is to provide good living conditions." Zhou Jingyuan memories, every time the father and son can not talk a few words, the father always said, to learn more on your own snacks, money is not enough to call." In addition to money相关的主题文章: