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7 students who refused to leave the teacher hit will be discouraging because do not agree with the students in school, National Day on the eve of the teacher was 7 students in the school office within the siege. During the national day, this video has attracted much attention on the internet. Sichuan online reporter 6 confirmed that this happened in Deyang Sichuan business school, the specific time is September 29th. The teacher refused to leave students hit recently, a video circulated on the Internet, a school in the office attacked and beat the teacher. In the video, several young people in the office, a man surrounded by constantly loudly questioning, one of the young men in 1 minutes at least for the man hands pushing 7 times. According to a number of insiders introduced, the matter occurred in Sichuan business school, the school is located in Deyang city. 6 afternoon, Sichuan online reporter confirmed the matter from the person in charge of the school. According to the person in charge, the leader of the incident Zhang, this year through the autonomous enrollment into the school grade one, studying graphic design major, for Guanghan freshmen. On the 29 day, the student wanted to leave school in advance to celebrate the national day. Taking into account that soon after school, and the upcoming long vacation, the teacher refused to ask for leave. In the leave after being refused, Zhang immediately looking for 6 other students to the teacher’s office, "get it". The time of the incident, there are 3 students responsible for the video, the remaining 4 people in the office and the teacher "theory", which Zhang and another student hands pushing the teacher. School students will be 7 alarm alarm discouraging school after the incident, police arrived at the scene processing. Because several parties are less than 16 years old, parents were taken home. The head of the school said, the teacher involved in the event did not start. There was no teacher on the internet. Until the 6 day, the school initially determined, give treatment to seven students out of the event, in particular the results to be announced after the National Day holiday to work.

7名学生因请假遭拒围殴老师 将被劝退   只因不同意学生提前离校,国庆节前夕,老师遭7名新生在学校办公室内围攻。国庆期间,这段视频在网络上引发诸多关注。四川在线记者6日证实,这件事情发生在位于德阳市的四川省商贸学校,具体时间是9月29日。   请假遭拒 学生围殴老师   近日,网络上流传的一段视频显示,一学校学生在办公室围攻、殴打老师。视频中,几名年轻人在办公室里,将一名男子围住,不断高声诘问,其中一名年轻人1分钟内至少对该男子动手推搡7次。   据多名知情者介绍,此事发生在四川省商贸学校,该校位于德阳市。6日下午,四川在线记者从该校负责人处证实了此事。   据该负责人介绍,事件的主导者张某,是今年通过自主招生进入该校中专一年级,就读平面设计专业,为广汉籍新生。29日,该生请假想提前离校过国庆。考虑到刚入学不久,又即将放长假,主管老师拒绝了请假的请求。在请假遭拒后,张某当即找了其他6名同学,到老师办公室“找说法”。   事发时,有3名学生负责录像,其余4人在办公室内和老师“理论”,其中张某和另外一名学生动手推搡老师。   学校报警 7名学生将被劝退   事发后,学校报警,派出所到场处理。由于几名当事人都未满16岁,被家长领回家。   学校负责人说,事件涉及的老师全程没有动手。网上流传的视频中也未见老师动手。   到6日为止,学校初步确定,对参与事件的七名学生给予劝退处理,具体处理结果待国庆假期正常上班后公布。相关的主题文章: