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Travel-and-Leisure Orlando vacation: Islands of Adventure Orlando has so much to offer other than its association with Disney as well as other known theme parks. One attraction spot that will surely give you a memorable Orlando vacation is Islands of Adventure, which is part of the Universal Studios resort, and is situated across the studios close to International Drive. Although admission lines can be long, Islands of Adventure operate an optional Universal Express fast pass system, where you can use your ticket to book for your ride in advance over a specific time period. In doing so, you will avoid long lines and get experience the parks various exciting rides at discounted rates. Even if the official opening time of the doors is around 9am, you need to be there as early as possible because the place becomes very busy swiftly. Overall, Islands of Adventure is recognized as an amazing Orlando attraction spot that regularly tops the list of the citys best theme parks. Great Walt Disney World Resorts For Your Orlando Escapade There is no scarcity of getaway resorts for your Orlando vacation because the place has so much to offer such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, astounding courses for golf, and great climate. Your biggest problem will be choosing one from the many options available that guarantees to give you the best getaway at the lowest price. Staying at a Disney Resort has several benefits including transportation between your hotel and all of the Disney theme parks because these resorts are all over the city. Universal Studios in Orlando Florida may not have quite the luxury that Disney gives, but there are still several hotels and resorts in the area that guarantees world class accommodation and service. Take into consideration The Hard Rock Hotel and Resort because it offers guests with rock star treatment along with deluxe hotel rooms and a palm-lined pool where music is played to add entertainment as the guests are having their relaxation. The Royal Pacific Hotel and Resort is another place to consider because it really provides a tropical paradise ambiance suitable for relaxation of the guests. Touring the Wonderful Disney Magic and Animal Kingdoms on Your Orlando Getaway One of the most famous destinations for families in the USA is Orlando as it offers amazing theme parks as well as family-oriented attraction spots. A must see theme park that the whole family will surely have a blast at is The Magic Kingdom, which is packed with rides including thrilling high-speed roller coasters like Space Mountain, a Haunted Mansion, a Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan Flight and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Vacationers can also take advantage of taking photos with Winnie the Pooh and other Disney casts for them to have memento of their amazing experience which they can share to their friends. Your next destination after touring Magic Kingdom is to have a safari trip to Disney Animal Park because you will be able to see lots of various animals like the big cats, gorillas, hippos, and monkeys. You can also take advantage of the wonderful and exciting rides which include the Dinosaur, the Kali River Rapids, and the Expedition Everest. A Memorable Stay at The Orlando World Center Marriot During Your Orlando Getaway Some of the very best resorts and attraction spots in Orlando are not affiliated with any major theme parks, but are just attractive in their own ways. The World Center Marriot is one resort that you need to try for your Orlando vacation and it is sited within minutes of Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. It has more than two thousand deluxe guest rooms wherein every room is furnished with internet access, cable television, video games, and other facilities. Golf fans can enjoy a championship golf course, while others may decide to check out the pool and enjoy a friendly game at its sand volleyball courts. Although this is one of the most luxurious resorts in Orlando and can be a little more expensive, you are certain to experience the most luxurious treatment for your getaway. The resort promises to serve its vacationers with high quality service as well as so much special treatment that allow them to experience the kind of treatment that VIP guests get. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: