90 seconds to know you and Fan Bingbing only a windbreaker distance (video)-soojin

90 seconds to know you and Fan Bingbing only a windbreaker from the autumn came, not a windbreaker and you see? Today Xiaobian tell you thoroughly, how should wear a coat. First you should buy one. Ha ha ha ha ha, color how to choose? The first is of course not bought Khaki windbreaker, do not know what to buy color, buy it khaki. The most classic coat must be khaki, dark skin can choose light Khaki grey black and white color can also be the universal all-match. Beautiful and refreshing Macarons color, can also be considered, but the light texture of clothes is relatively high, as far as possible to buy fabric better oh. London Fashion Week Spring 2017: TOGA art decoration and the perfect combination of feminist love retro sense can be considered olive green, or dark blue brick color, but the color of white skin MM wear will look better with big lips, beauty fried day rhythm. Color selected, how to do? First, length, little of course is long, select the best, but you want to pursue a sense of arbitrary words specially can actually wear long, as long as you think a powerful gas field! The left is the slim version, the version is the straight type. Levis is easier to wear good-looking, but the straight version of the more Aura, see your love. The collar don’t choose too complicated, like the complex version or cocoon collar, not good-looking, choose the right simple style. The traditional classical windbreaker, behind will have a special cloth for rain. If you buy a coat as well as the design, pay attention not too long is too large, easy to look not the spirit. Coat as a classic single product, take the price above is not entirely too. A good number of coat fabrics is very high, light and breathable also rain. And the fabric is not easy to wrinkle, texture better. Fine workmanship, fine stitches are showing high texture, Burberry’s coat is so expensive, but also because the work is too fine, pin number, seam angle has strict rules, the body will be very docile. Now the coat in general have been improved, not like traditional coat still retain the design of many wartime (the first is for the soldier windbreaker design). Xiao Bian personally prefer simple design, remove the shoulder strap, gun flap, D button and other designs are not required. Bought for your coat, you will not ask how collocation? Jeans + T-shirt can be used as the coat inside the ride, just do the shoes, can change the overall feeling. Summer shorts, skirts, while the weather is not completely cool down, you can wear it again, such a mix is particularly suitable for small MM. All summer dresses can be used as a coat in a windbreaker, feminine dress and neutral handsome with a charm, can just perfect collocation. Choose the best dress than a long coat or a little shorter, so more layers. The ride will change into mature pants, high heels and collocation can be put to work, the best nine pants pants. We are to follow the French woman lazy exquisite sense now, little black dress, coat, delicate, Birkenstocks hair lazy, together is very beautiful. Loose pants can also be a lazy radish collocation, color is nude, different?相关的主题文章: