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Legal Tory per year income had dropped to $50,000 a year from $ 100,000 as business slow down at the auto dealership where he served from last five years. He had filed bankruptcy, and for him job is hard to find. For him starting a new life in Canada sounded superb and appealing too. Actually, the recruiter cum Immigration consultant sent Tory an email with a video link that was describing the company, about the owner and a little about city and Columbia. "Later than having word with him my family and I were exciters a lot". Tory said. As auto mechanics do not get approach through recruiter, so it was somewhat nice being catered. Tory was hired last April under a skilled worker program and in just period of one month he had a work permit. With a fantastic contract of paying up to $100,000 a year and government- provided health care job. He said, in Canada government provided health care and a job in Canada was like "I scratched a lottery ticket". Higher Global Competition A global competition and Canada’s design will lead you to success perhaps at the expenses of other countries like other country, said Louis, an immigration consultant. In year 2012, Canada granted 38,000 skilled workers as a permanent residency. Under already existed programs. Canada is also trying to build a flexible and fast immigration system. Geographically Imbalanced Area: It is a universal truth that Canada’s labor market is geographically imbalanced. The government has been always trying to encourage internal migration. Normally, applications under the skilled labor are expected to be processed in short time of 12 months and it includes jobs from supervisors and even crane operators too many other job profiles. Interestingly the basic language proficiency is in either language French or English is required. The Biggest Difference In the US and in Canada the biggest difference is that the applicant in Canada can file self-petition for a permanent residency, said Laforce, a Canadian immigration consultant based in Canada. For instance, an applicant may have to work for up to 11 to 12 year with a particular employer to obtain permanent residency. A big controversial program It is controversial in Canada because there is important evidence that employer are using the program to substitute Canadians and undercut wages, which represents 450,000 workers in the province. And, even the Royal Bank of Canada faced condemnation after media reported on an outsourcing for technology services that affected some bank employees too. Canada’s largest lender said in a April 7, 2013 that it had not hired temporary overseas workers to replace present staffers, observing it works with "external suppliers" to supply certain products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: