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Delaki: at the beginning of the March review of monetary policy price stability as the primary goal of Huitong news network February 16th — the European Central Bank President Delaki (Mario Draghi) on Monday (February 15th) New York City set at the beginning of the European Parliament published a lengthy speech, reiterated that the European Central Bank will be in early March to re-examine and consider the policy stance, and stressed that price stability is the primary mission of the European Central Bank the. Delaki first pointed out that the market turmoil in the first few weeks of the year reflected a huge challenge for the eurozone as a whole, which all policymakers need to overcome in the coming months. The ECB sees concerns about the global economy intensifying and the market sentiment deteriorating. Moreover, with the change of time, the market mood fluctuation is increasing day by day, so it is necessary to monitor the economic resistance factors closely. The following is a summary of Delaki’s speech: economic growth and challenges, Delaki believes that the euro zone economic growth rate moderate. He said that the euro zone is on the track of a steady recovery, supported by policy support, half of which is attributed to the ECB’s policy. At present, the fiscal policy of the euro area has expanded, and the deepening recovery is being gradually implemented. The high unemployment rate cannot be blamed on a single currency. However, there are some disadvantages in the short run, and the risks should be closely monitored. Within the eurozone, the economies of developed economies are slowly recovering, but emerging economies are slowing. The rise in global uncertainty and widespread geopolitical risks have depressed investor sentiment, and investment performance remains sluggish, which makes the prospects for emerging markets even more optimistic. The slowdown in emerging economies is the focus of uncertainty in the euro area. So it is critical that the ECB can quickly complete its assessment of greece. He also said that the European Commission’s plan for securitisation is quite strong. And monetary policy easing measures for the relevant issues, outside the focus of monetary policy Delaki reiterated that the European Central Bank will be established in accordance with the plan in early March to re evaluate and even reconsider the stance of monetary policy. Delaki says QE is working and works well. Although the progress of inflation is not satisfactory, QE is flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market. The ECB will continue to examine the impact of low import price index on domestic wages, prices and inflation expectations, and analyze the transmission effect of monetary policy on the financial system, especially the banking sector. The ECB is now focusing on the issue of policy transmission, as well as the second round effect of falling oil prices. Once market volatility weakens price stability, the ECB will act without hesitation and try its best to support the resilience of the euro area. This requires the contribution of all policy areas. Delaki pointed out that in the past 4 years, the ECB’s monetary easing policy is the only stimulus policy in the euro area. At present, low interest rates are implemented globally, not confined to the euro zone. In all cases, the ECB will continue to maintain a loose policy in the long term. Bank bad debt and financial regulation Draghi said the ECB did not discuss bad debts with Italy. Dealing with bad loans takes time

德拉基:3月初重审货币政策 稳定价格为首要目标   汇通网2月16日讯――欧洲央行行长德拉基(Mario Draghi)周一(2月15日)纽市盘初对欧洲议会发表长篇讲话,重申欧洲央行将在3月初重新审视和考虑政策立场,并强调稳定价格是欧洲央行的首要使命。   德拉基首先指出,本年头几周的市场动荡反映出欧元区总体上面临着巨大挑战,这是所有的政策制定者在未来几个月里所需要努力克服的。欧洲央行看到有关全球经济的担忧正在加剧,市场人气恶化加速。而且随着时间变化,市场情绪波动日益加大,因此需要密切监控经济阻力因素。   以下为德拉基讲话内容的概要:   经济增长与挑战   德拉基认为欧元区经济发展速度适中。他表示,受到政策支持,欧元区正处于稳步复苏的轨道上,有一半归因于欧洲央行的政策。现时欧元区的财政政策略有所扩张,深入复苏正在逐步推行。高失业率不能归咎于单一货币。不过短期内或有一些不利因素,需密切监视相关风险 。   在欧元区内部,发达经济体经济增速正在缓慢复苏,但新兴经济体经济增速放缓。由于全球经济不确定性的加剧和广泛的地缘政治风险打压了投资者情绪,投资表现依然萎靡不振,这使新兴市场的前景更显得不容乐观。而新兴经济体经济增速放缓正是欧元区不确定性的焦点。因此欧洲央行能否迅速完成对希腊的评估是至关重要的。他还提到欧盟委员会有关证券化的方案相当强劲。   货币政策与宽松措施   对于最受外界关注的货币政策相关问题,德拉基重申,欧洲央行将按照既定计划在3月初重新评估甚至重新考虑货币政策立场。   德拉基表示,QE正在起作用,而且效果良好。尽管通胀方面的进展不甚令人满意,但QE的灵活程度足以适应市场的变化。   欧洲央行将继续审视低进口物价指数对国内薪资、物价和通胀预期的影响,并分析货币政策对金融体系,尤其是银行业的传导作用。目前欧洲央行正关注到政策传导不顺畅的问题,以及油价下跌带来的第二轮效应。一旦市场波动削弱物价稳定,欧洲央行将毫不迟疑地采取行动,竭尽所能采取措施支持欧元区的弹性。这需要所有政策领域的贡献。   德拉基指出,在过去的4年里,欧洲央行的货币宽松政策是欧元区唯一的刺激性政策。现时全球范围内都实行低利率,并不局限于欧元区。综合各种情况,欧洲央行将在长期内继续保持宽松政策。   银行坏账与金融监管   德拉基称欧洲央行并没有与意大利讨论坏账的事。处理不良贷款需要时间,监管机构正与相关国家机构密切合作以确保政策执行。不过欧洲银行业整体情况依然良好。   他保证欧洲央行在有关与银行的讨论方面是透明的。毕竟欧元区银行业现状与2012年的情况非常不同。现在正处于减少坏账的合适时机。因此必须推进欧元区存款保险机制。   英国脱欧与欧洲一体化   在谈到英国脱欧问题时,德拉基指出欧洲央行并非参与英国退欧讨论的一方。毕竟欧洲央行不是政党,货币政策的制订毋须考虑政治立场。不过他也表示,将英国留在欧盟是理想目标。与英国达成的任何协议都必须明确清晰,不能阻碍欧盟进一步的融合。他认为欧盟更深入的一体化应该不受与英国谈判的影响,重申单一市场和货币联盟必须得到保护。   德拉基还提到欧洲央行在考虑取消500欧元钞票,以便减轻犯罪行动。他最后强调稳定价格是欧洲央行的首要使命 。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: