Even stronger than off-road vehicles, never afraid of the Capital Airport 滨州医学院教务处

Is stronger than SUV trunk no longer afraid of the capital airport lead: you must have heard of all terrain tires, but should be in every SUV car commercials. Now, there’s a suitcase, and with this technology, what do you think it looks like? (article source: love strange) pay attention to the public number "have cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! You must have never thought of it! How do you drag yourself into this? Trailpod is only three casters box, each caster like squinted eyes. All terrain tire technology makes it possible for the pebbles, grass, mud, sand and curb (pulling) Cheng Chi (Ying Zhuai). Well, that’s exactly what I imagined…… Apart from the big eyed monster, Trailpod clearly cares more about outdoor entertainment than other suitcases. It has many function modules, the lower part of the insulating region, can be cold, outdoor lying body never lack of champagne and beer, delivered ice also be nothing difficult. The upper mesh space is flexible and breathable, and has a beverage shelf for easy use. The suitcase is placed in a vertical position, also can be used as a seat, because the tire angle, so that it does not run like other luggage, give you the support of a stable rest.

比越野车还坚固的行李箱 再也不怕首都机场   导语:你一定听说过全地形轮胎,但应该都是在各个SUV的汽车广告里。现在,有一只旅行箱,也用上了这个技术,你觉得,它该长什么样?(文章来源:爱稀奇) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   你一定没想到!长成这个样子,怎么拖拉呢???Trailpod就是这样一只只有三个脚轮的箱子,每一只脚轮,都像斜睨着的大眼睛。全地形轮胎技术使得它可以在石子儿、草地、泥泞、沙滩以及马路牙子上驰(生拉)骋(硬拽)。嗯哼,我就是这么想像了一下……   除了大眼怪之外,Trailpod显然比其他的旅行箱更在乎户外娱乐的功效。它有多功能模块划分,下部的隔热区域,可以保冷,室外趴体从此不会缺少 香槟和啤酒,运送冰块也不在话下。   上部网眼空间弹性透气,并配有饮料搁板,方便取用。旅行箱垂直放置,还可兼做座椅,由于轮胎的角度,使得它并不会像其他 行李箱那样乱跑,给你一个稳定的休息支撑。相关的主题文章: