Citigroup Yen recent gains for hedging Japan short-term fear fell 112 梧州学院怎么样

Citigroup: Yen recent gains for hedging Japan short-term fear fell 112 in February 11th — global foreign exchange overnight Yellen (Janet Yellen) in congressional testimony speech, the speech at the beginning of the dollar yen once rose, but then turned down, fell more than 1%, hit the 113.13 day low, this is the lowest since November 5, 2014 the dollar yen. The U.S. stock market rose to fall, also provides support for the yen’s hedge buying. (USD, JPY, 1 hours chart source: global currency exchange network), Citigroup strategist Osamu Takashima said on Wednesday (February 10th) that the U.S. dollar yen will be dropped to 112 in the short term, and the Japanese authorities will intervene verbally. Takashima believes that the yen’s recent trend is related to the global risk aversion, and the dollar yen may rise back to 120 in a few months, but the possibility of dropping 112 is not ruled out in the short term." He also pointed out that in the medium and long term, about 2-3 months, the flow of funds from Japan life insurance companies, pension funds and Asset Management Co may push the dollar, yen exchange rate rise again. Takashima predicts that if the yen continues to appreciate, the Japanese authorities may engage in oral intervention, but any direct intervention in the foreign exchange market to prevent the yen appreciation is still unlikely to happen. He said: "if Japan intervened to stop the appreciation of the yen, it would undermine the relationship with the United States, and it’s now one of the most important issues between the two countries when the U.S. Congress begins to consider the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)." Global currency market center showed that Beijing time 09:20, U.S. dollar yen 112.6164. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

花旗:日元近期涨势因避险 美 日短线恐跌至112   环球外汇2月11日讯–隔夜耶伦(Janet Yellen)在国会发表证词讲话,讲话初,美元 日元曾一度上涨,但随后掉头向下,跌逾1%,触及113.13日内新低,这是自2014年11月5日以来美元 日元的最低位。而美国股市转涨为跌也为日元的避险买盘提供了支撑。      (美元 日元1小时图来源:环球外汇网)   花旗集团策略师Osamu Takashima在周三(2月10日)的报告中称,美元 日元短期内恐将下探112,日本当局或将对此进行口头干预。   Takashima认为,“日元近期走势与全球避险情绪相关,美元 日元可能会在几个月内回升到120,不过短期内也不排除下探112的可能性。”   他同时指出,从中长期看,大约2-3个月的时间里,来自日本寿险公司、养老基金和资产管理公司的资金流可能将推动美元 日元汇率回升。   Takashima预计,如果日元继续升值,日本当局可能进行口头干预,不过任何直接在外汇市场干预以阻止日元升值的做法仍不太可能出现。   他说道:“如果日本干预以阻止日元升值,将破坏与美国的关系,而且当前正值美国国会开始审议跨太平洋伙伴关系协议(TPP)之际,这是两国间最重要的议题之一。”   环球外汇行情中心显示,北京时间09:20,美元 日元报112.61 64。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: