The offshore renminbi stable concern reverse repurchase expires on capital cost 红杏暗香之宦妻

Pay attention to stabilize offshore RMB reverse repurchase expires FX168 news impact on the cost of capital on Wednesday (February 17th) New York time the offshore renminbi dollar at 6.5250-6.5300 rangebound, almost parity in onshore rmb. Bloomberg data show that the public market this week, a total of 595 billion yuan reverse repurchase expires, of which a large number will expire on Thursday. Societe Generale expects China’s 7 day repo rate will rise from 2.29% to 2.5% in the near future. In the offshore market, the cost of capital rose, overnight HIBOR rose to 3.401%, the highest level in 1 months. The cost of short term offshore RMB rebounded from Tuesday lows, and the implied limit of return was below 5%, up to more than 6.13%. Standard Chartered Bank senior interest rate strategist Liu Jie expects offshore RMB liquidity will only be slightly tightened from the current situation, will not reproduce extreme tensions. Mizuho bank strategist Zhang Jiantai wrote in a report to clients after the Spring Festival, the central bank Chinese (PBOC) open market operations significantly reduced, may lead the market for liquidity in the bank will transfer to the offshore concern. Zhang Jiantai pointed out that China’s banks may be more inclined to retain more offshore RMB liquidity in the short term. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

离岸人民币走稳 关注逆回购到期对资金成本影响   FX168讯 周三(2月17日)纽约时段离岸人民币兑美元在6.5250-6.5300区间震荡,几乎平价于在岸人民币。彭博数据显示,本周公开市场共计有5950亿元逆回购到期,其中大量将在周四到期。   法国兴业银行预计,中国7天回购利率近期将自当前2.29%上涨到2.5%。   离岸市场资金成本上涨,隔夜HIBOR涨至3.401%,为1个月来最高水平。离岸人民币各个期限做空成本自周二低点反弹,一周期限隐含收益率从5%以下,涨至6.13%以上。   渣打银行高级利率策略师刘洁预计,离岸人民币流动性仅会由目前现状小幅收紧,料不会再现极度紧张状况。   瑞穗银行策略师张建泰在发给客户的报告中写道,春节过后中国央行(PBOC)公开市场操作明显减少,可能引发市场对在岸流动性将传导至离岸的担忧。   张建泰指出,中国的银行可能在短期内更倾向于保留更多的离岸人民币流动性。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: