BlackBerry layoffs 200 people, mobile phones and systems into disaster areas 小姐好白插曲

Blackberry mobile phone system and lay off 200 people into the hardest hit [TechWeb] reported according to foreign media news, blackberry company conducted a large-scale layoffs, layoffs of 35% headquarters in Florida in the United States, while the Sunrise branch cut 75 employees. The storm has affected 1000 employees, with BlackBerry 10 systems and mobile devices the most influential, with 200 redundancies in the United States and canada. According to the BlackBerry official statement, "as BlackBerry continues to implement the revival plan, we will focus on improving the efficiency of the global team.". This means that we will find ways to capture new business opportunities while achieving the profitability goals of all sectors. So we cut about 200 employees in Canada and the United states. It also means that we will recruit talented people in business areas with growth potential." BlackBerry recently launched Google Android mobile phone system based on hardware and help from Samsung, blackberry in the future consumer market will become increasingly dependent on other vendors, and the number of users of the system itself is too small, cannot form the good ecological system.

黑莓裁员200人 手机和系统成重灾区   【TechWeb报道】根据国外媒体的消息,黑莓公司总部进行了大规模裁员,总部裁员35%,而美国佛罗里达州Sunrise的分部裁减了75名员工。这次风波影响了1000名员工,其中黑莓10系统和移动设备部门影响最大,在美国和加拿大总共裁员200名。   根据黑莓官方的声明“随着黑莓继续实施复兴计划,我们将专注于提高全球团队的工作效率。这意味着在实现所有部门盈利目标的同时,我们将发现捕捉新商机的途径。因此,我们在加拿大和美国裁减了约200名员工。它也意味着我们将在有增长潜力的业务领域积极招聘人才。”   黑莓最近推出了基于谷歌Android系统的手机,而硬件部分则来自于三星的帮助,未来黑莓在个人消费市场上会越来越依赖其它厂商,而自己的系统用户数量太少,根本无法形成良好的生态体系。相关的主题文章: