Risk aversion warming, Hong Kong stocks continued concussion before the holiday 大理学院教务处

Risk aversion in Hong Kong stocks before the shock continues to sina finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through market mechanism with level2 cards in the international oil prices continued to fall, outside the stock market downturn, the Hong Kong exchange weakening again under the influence of multiple negative factors, Hong Kong has just entered the February encounter even fell, the cumulative decline of 3.5%, engulfed the rose last week. At the same time, there are still large market selling pressure, short rates are still high. For the market trend, market participants generally believe that the attitude of investors before the holiday tend to be cautious, short-term Hong Kong stocks or will continue concussion pattern. 2 days late, even days to gradually rebound to 7.77 near the level of the Hong Kong exchange and the emergence of signs of weakening, the market worried about the outflow of funds, coupled with Tuesday U.S. stocks continued to fall yesterday, Hong Kong stocks directly opened 535 points after the early decline continues to expand, fell more than 680 points, or 3.5%. Midday decline despite the convergence, but as Hong Kong stocks closing, the Hang Seng Index closed at 18991.59 point, still fell 2.34%, state-owned enterprises index closed at 7858.31, down 2.49%, red chip index was at 3367.1, down 2.88%. The volume of the main board was 78 billion 681 million Hong Kong dollars, an increase of more than 10% over the previous trading day. Short data show that 3 by short selling shares amounted to 562, short selling places of HK $10 billion 842 million, accounting for 14% of the turnover board. Among them, the AIA’s margin to sell the highest vacancy, amounted to 865 million yuan, accounting for 7.98% of the total short sales and the stock turnover of 15.93%. HSBC Holdings and Tencent respectively to HK $756 million and HK $478 million margin to sell vacancies followed. As of yesterday’s close, the Hang Seng four categories index fell all. Among them, the financial index and real estate index fell 2.71% and 2.59%, the trade classification index fell more than 2%, relatively small decline in Utilities Index reached 0.33%. On the disk, the plate generally fell. However, despite the continued market volatility, mainland investors to buy Hong Kong route through Hong Kong stocks through operation continues. Yesterday, the last trading day before the Spring Festival, Hong Kong stocks continued to net inflows, the daily quota utilization rate of 15%. The Shanghai stock exchange data show that as of yesterday’s close, Hong Kong stocks through since the opening has been used for 124 billion 685 million yuan, the total amount of the balance of 250 billion yuan only 125 billion 315 million yuan, the utilization rate has reached 50%. Shanghai shares through recently in two states and a single day single day net inflow of net outflow repeatedly to switch, as of yesterday’s close, the Shanghai shares through the net sales of more than 2 billion yuan, net sales hit a nearly three month high. Market analysts pointed out that the Spring Festival is approaching, the market risk aversion increased, some investors tend to hold holiday market funds also tend to be cautious. In the impact of international oil prices, the Fed rate hike pace, the mainland and Hongkong economic outlook and various uncertain factors, Hong Kong stocks will remain in shock state, the short term may pay attention to tourism and consumption related sectors. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

避险情绪升温 港股节前延续震荡 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   在国际油价继续下跌、外围股市低迷、港汇再度转弱等多重利空因素影响下,港股刚刚踏入2月便遭遇三连跌,累计跌幅为3.5%,吞没了上周涨幅。与此同时,市场仍存在较大沽压,沽空率依然高企。对于后市走势,市场人士普遍认为,节前投资者态度更趋于谨慎,短期内港股或将延续震荡格局。   2日尾盘,连日来逐步反弹至7.77附近水平的港汇又出现走弱迹象,令市场再度担忧资金外流,加之周二美股继续下挫,昨日港股径直低开535点后,早盘跌幅持续扩大,一度跌逾680点,跌幅达3.5%。午盘跌势虽有所收敛,但截至港股收盘,恒生指数收报18991.59点,仍跌2.34%,国企指数收报7858.31点,跌2.49%,红筹指数报3367.1点,跌2.88%。主板成交量达786.81亿港元,较上一交易日增加逾一成。   沽空数据显示,3日遭融券卖空的股份达562只,融券卖空额达108.42亿港元,占主板成交的14%。其中,友邦保险的融券卖空额最高,达8.65亿元,占融券卖空总额的7.98%及占其股份成交的15.93%。汇丰控股和腾讯控股分别以7.56亿港元和4.78亿港元的融券卖空额紧随其后。   截至昨日收盘,恒生四大分类指数全部下跌。其中,金融分类指数和地产分类指数分别下跌2.71%和2.59%,工商业分类指数也跌逾2%,相对而言,公用事业分类指数跌幅较小,达0.33%。盘面上,各板块普遍下跌。   不过,尽管市场持续波动,内地投资者借道港股通买入港股的操作仍在继续。在昨日,春节前港股通的最后一个交易日里,港股通持续净流入,单日额度使用率达15%。上交所数据显示,截至昨日收盘,港股通自开通以来已使用了1246.85亿元,2500亿元的总额度余额还剩下1253.15亿元,使用率已达50%。沪股通近期则在单日净流入和单日净流出的两种状态中反复切换,截至昨日收盘,沪股通净卖出逾20亿元,净卖出额创下近三个月来新高。   有市场人士分析指出,春节假期临近,市场避险情绪有所增强,部分投资者更倾向于持币过节,入市资金也趋向谨慎。而在国际油价走势、美联储加息节奏、内地与香港经济前景等种种不明朗因素的影响下,港股仍将处于震荡观望状态,短期内可留意旅游、消费相关板块。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: