The mid autumn festival customs from generation to generation to buy food from the people in the rai 音羽かなで

The mid autumn festival customs from generation to generation to buy food from the people in the rain in addition to the Mid Autumn Festival, eat moon cakes, taro, soybeans, essential, old duck soup is Duck in Brown Sauce every dishes on the table. Moreover, Shanghai people pay attention to buy fresh dishes, so even if the wind and rain, the citizens is an umbrella on small farms; or take several subway, to buy a brand known Duck in Brown Sauce. The revelation behind the food is the persistence of inheriting traditional customs and the importance of human relations. Less than 9 in the morning, the Mengzi food market has been crowded. In front of the entrance to buy a duck booth, fair and clear light duck enough to be stocked with customers. Stall owners are also crying hard: buy an old duck soup, August half is to eat the old duck soup. Despite the heavy rain this morning, all the people who came to buy food were smiling and laughing. They said that the wind and rain will come to buy food, then eat duck taro soybeans, which is a traditional custom, like the Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cake; secondly, the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion, this is affection. A woman said, her a few years old grandson told her that morning, to eat the duck soup, but also eat taro, soybeans in August half, so rain is coming out, one year, one family happy. Buy a duck, a little more taro, soybeans, and moon cakes, the Mid Autumn Festival is also completed standard. Business is so good, the busy awfully, he said, taro usually sell 100 pounds, today morning sold 300 pounds, a total of 500 pounds of stocking. In the first food store, not just in front of the meat moon cake stalls in front of the long lines, the two floor of the deli department is also a racket. In addition to the pre cooked Duck in Brown Sauce, still behind the counter now burning Duck in Brown Sauce. Salesmen are not busy with their hands and feet. Some customers say, almost every year to buy Duck in Brown Sauce, unshakable. Today is a good umbrella, wear good boots over, as is the memory of the taste, quality assured. One customer came to Qingpu by changing trains. According to general manager Yang Jing introduced the first food store, the two day deli counter sales increased by 30%, mainly Duck in Brown Sauce. So, all the night of overtime processing plant availability of supply, the clerk about 4 o’clock in the morning into the unit to do disinfection work, to meet the customer. Chinese builders of the Mid Autumn Festival "regret" (this video is only extended) move fingers, at any time to inquire traffic violations! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

中秋佳节习俗代代传承 市民冒雨买节令菜 中秋佳节,除了吃月饼,芋艿、毛豆、酱鸭、老鸭汤也是家家餐桌上必备的菜肴。而且,上海人讲究小菜要买得新鲜,于是,即便刮风下雨,市民们也是撑着伞上小菜场;或者换乘几班地铁,去买一点儿牌子叫得响的酱鸭。食物背后透露出的是那份对传承传统习俗的执着和对人伦亲情的重视。上午9点不到,蒙自菜场里已是人头攒动。进门口买生鸭的摊位前,白净的光鸭备货充足,顾客们随到随买。摊主也是卖力吆喝:买一只老鸭烧汤,八月半是要吃老鸭汤的呀。尽管今天一早就下起了大雨,但是来买菜的市民个个笑脸盈盈,笑声朗朗。他们说,刮风下雨也要来买菜,一来吃鸭子芋艿毛豆,这是传统习俗,就像中秋节要吃月饼一样;二来,一家子中秋节团团圆圆,这是亲情。一位奶奶说,她几岁大的孙子早上就跟她说,要吃鸭子汤,八月半还要吃吃芋艿、毛豆,所以,下雨也要出来,一年就一次,一家人开开心心。买了老鸭,再来一点儿芋艿、毛豆,加上月饼,中秋节的标配也就完成了。生意这么好,摊主忙得不亦乐乎,他说,平时芋艿卖100斤,今天上午卖出了300斤,一共备货500斤。而在第一食品店,不光是门前的鲜肉月饼摊前排起了长队,二楼的熟食部也是人声鼎沸。除了预先煮好的酱鸭,柜台后面还在现烧酱鸭。营业员们手脚一刻不闲着。一些老主顾说,几乎年年过来买酱鸭,雷打不动。今天是带好阳伞,穿好雨靴过来,为的是记忆中的口味,让人放心的质量。有位顾客还是从青浦换乘几班地铁赶过来的。据第一食品商店总经理杨静介绍,这两天熟食柜台销量增加30%左右,主要是酱鸭。所以,加工厂全部通宵加班备足货源,营业员早上4点钟左右就进单位来做好消毒等工作,迎接顾客。 中国建设者的中秋“遗憾” (此视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: