Taiwan earthquake confirmed the death of 1 infants, Tainan mayor rushed to the scene 驯龙高手dm456

The Taiwan earthquake has confirmed the deaths of 1 infants rushed to the mayor of Tainan earthquake occurred this morning when nearly 4 spot, Tainan city disaster, the most serious is Yongkang District 16 storey building collapsed, causing people to be buried alive, many people were injured, the Fire Bureau launched an emergency rescue, rescue workers rushed to the nearby city county fire support even, New Taipei, Hsinchu and Taichung have fire engines rushed to the rescue, a serious disaster. The military and coast guard has dispatched more than 200 people to help. At 6 in the morning until now, has sent more than 40 people were injured, and went to Chi Mei Cheng and other hospital, 7 came the sad news, the building in Yongkang, only 10 days old baby was rescued, there has been no signs of life. Tainan city mayor Lai Qingde after the earthquake, immediately rushed to the disaster emergency command center sits, finally rushed to the scene to understand. The city has many power outages caused by the earthquake, there are many broken pipes, causing flooding, in addition to gas pipeline burst. Yongkang wingain building collapsed, there are many onlookers, gas field strong flavor, urged the public not to the crowd, to prevent further disaster. Before 6:30, Xin South outer pipe leakage of 7 pieces, 4 pieces of processing, a smell of 32 pieces, 18 pieces of processing is complete, 14 pieces of processing. Editor: Chen Yan SN225

台湾地震已确认1名婴儿死亡 台南市长赶往现场   今天凌晨近4时发生地震,台南市多处灾情,其中最严重的是永康区16楼层大楼倒塌, 造成民众被活埋,有多人受伤,消防局紧急启动救难,邻近县市消防救灾人员都赶往支援,连新北市、新竹市及台中市都有消防车赶往抢救,灾情严重。国军及海巡署也出动200多人协助。   凌晨6时为止,已经送出了40多名受伤民众,前往奇美及成大等医院,7时传出第一起不幸消息,在永康大楼当中,只有10天大婴儿被救出后,已经没有生命迹象。   台南市市长赖清德在地震后,立刻赶往防灾应变中心坐镇指挥,最后赶往现场了解。   地震造成全市有多处停电,还有许多水管破裂,造成淹水,另外还有瓦斯管线也破裂。   永康维冠大楼倒塌,有许多民众围观,现场瓦斯味浓厚,市府呼吁民众不要围观,以免发生进一步的灾情。在6时30分前,欣南外管漏气7件,4件处理中,有闻到臭味32件,18件处理完成,14件处理中。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: