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Five year old man on the train 15 hours without moving checked with lower extremity venous thrombosis – Sohu news from Guangzhou train back to the Han Chinese new year, the five year old migrant workers 15 hours sitting in the narrow seat, who knows about the train that left leg swollen, it is difficult to breathe, after an emergency hospital was found suffering from lower extremity vein they had thrombus. Lao Zhang, 54 years old, has been working in Guangzhou. The day before, he took a train home, the train crowded, to go to the bathroom. Lao Zhang sat down and even dared not drink more water, so he sat for more than ten hours. As soon as the HanKou Railway Station arrived, Lao Zhang got ready to take the luggage, and immediately felt his legs were sour and swollen. His left leg was obviously swollen and a big circle. He had not taken a few steps, and began to be chest tightness and gasping for breath. Fellow villager rushed him to hospital. CT examination confirmed that the doctor judged that Lao Zhang suffered from lower extremity venous thrombosis complicated with pulmonary embolism. If the thrombus fell further and fell into the main artery of the pulmonary artery, it could cause fatal pulmonary embolism. The surgeon, deputy director of vascular surgery of the hospital, underwent surgery immediately, and the patient recovered well after the operation. Doctors warn that people who take a long-distance train or train for 10 hours, if there is obvious swelling and pain in the lower limbs, should consider deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremity, then must not be disorderly activities, in order to prevent thrombosis fall into the pulmonary artery. If you also have palpitation, chest distress, dyspnea and other pulmonary symptoms, you need to guard against pulmonary embolism, should immediately seek medical advice.

五旬男子火车坐15小时不动 被查患下肢静脉血栓-搜狐新闻  从广州坐火车返汉过年,五旬农民工老张在狭窄的座位上坐15个小时,谁知一下火车就发现左腿肿得老高,喘气也困难,紧急送医后才发现患了下肢静脉血栓,险些丢命。   老张今年54岁,一直在广州打工。日前,他坐火车回家过年,火车上挤满人,想上厕所都难。老张上车坐下后连水都不敢多喝,就这样一坐就是十几个小时。快到汉口站时,老张起身准备拿行李,顿时感觉腿又酸又胀,左腿明显肿一大圈,还没走几步,就开始胸闷、喘不过气来。同行的老乡赶紧将他送到医院。经CT检查证实医生判断,老张患了下肢静脉血栓并发肺栓塞,如果血栓进一步脱落掉入肺动脉主干血管,可能造成致死性肺栓塞。该院血管外科副主任医师屈碧辉立即为他实施手术,术后患者康复状况良好。   医生提醒,乘坐长途汽车或者火车长达10个小时的人,如果出现下肢明显肿胀疼痛,要考虑为下肢深静脉血栓,这时千万不能乱活动,以防血栓掉入肺动脉。如果还同时有心慌胸闷、呼吸困难等肺部症状,就需警惕肺栓塞,应立即就医。相关的主题文章: