CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party into the Xi’an public hot words micro-blog users friends Shuabing 海思k3v2

CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party into the Xi’an public hot words micro-blog users friends Shuabing western network (reporter Xiong Huiling Zhao Hao) the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival, 2016 CCTV mid autumn evening broadcast to the world in Xi’an Datang Furong garden. Since the announcement of the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival in Xi’an since 2016, "autumn evening" has become a hot topic for many people in Xi’an, or proud, or guess the program, they expressed their concern and expectation for the party in their own different ways. On the scene of CCTV Mid Autumn Festival Gala, Aunt Wang, who was a member of the Xi’an community, watched with rapt attention." Aunt Wang said: "this program is really good, creative, and highly, actors are also rare stars, CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party is on our doorstep, really proud". In the Mid Autumn Festival party held the Datang Furong garden gate, a lot of people, foreign tourists posed for pictures, many people said that they know Mid Autumn Festival party held here specially after photography, although we can not see, but in front of a picture, in the circle of friends, is also a kind of memory. This is quite different from the usual photograph taken during sightseeing." In micro-blog and WeChat, have a lot of friends to study in the best of spirits this event will be held in the home, topic is all kinds of tall — such as "Mid Autumn Festival Party summed up how much Xi’an essence", such as "gossip so many stars come to Xi’an, you guess they acted out to eat what", a netizen also drying out from his balcony overlooking the Datang Furong garden photos, causing netizens a piece of admiration and praise, "too happy, on the balcony, you can listen to the late autumn show!"

央视中秋晚会成西安市民热词 网友微博朋友圈刷屏   西部网讯(记者 熊惠玲 赵昊)中秋之夜,2016年中央电视台中秋晚会在西安大唐芙蓉园向全球直播。   从揭晓2016年央视中秋晚会花落西安以来,“秋晚”就成了不少西安市民热议的话题,或表示自豪,或猜想节目,他们用自己的不同方式,表达着对这场晚会的关注与期待。   在央视中秋晚会现场,西安市民王阿姨看得全神贯注,一边看还一边不住地点头念叨:“真好,真好。”王阿姨说:“今年节目真不错,有创意,又有高度,演员也都是难得一见的明星,央视的中秋晚会就在咱家门口开,真感到自豪”。   在举行中秋晚会的大唐芙蓉园门口,不少市民、外地游客争相合影留念,许多市民表示,自己是知道中秋晚会在这里举办后特意来照相的,“虽然不能进去看,但是在门口照个相,发到朋友圈里,也是一种纪念。这和平日里来游玩照相是完全不一样的意义。”   在微博和微信上,也有大量网友为将在家门口举行的这场盛会探讨的兴致勃勃,探讨的话题则是五花八门――高大上如“中秋晚会概括了多少西安精华”,八卦如“这么多明星都来西安了,你猜他们表演完去吃点啥”,一位网友还晒出了从自己家阳台远眺大唐芙蓉园的照片,引发了网友们的一片羡慕和点赞,“太幸福了,在阳台上就能听秋晚节目了!”相关的主题文章: