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MediaMix: Japanese anime "full age" secret in recent years, vigorously develop under the background of cultural creative industry in the rapid economic growth and macro China, Chinese animation industry in the output is even a new high, in the sense of statistics data show a thriving scene; but at the same time, the domestic animation reputation in the audience which is generally poor, the actual share in the domestic market are very limited. In contrast it is Japanese animation, which can not only occupy the mainstream level of both business and culture in China, but also the regional market in East Asia and the formation of Hollywood and the situation meet as equals, with the network media based electronic media to spread all over the world, in the world to cultivate a large number of fans. Especially in China, from twentieth Century to 80s and 90s, Japan’s first animation is to broadcast television and video disc form, then to play online and download form, through a variety of formal or informal channels widely affected deeply on Chinese Cenozoic culture consumer habits and aesthetic acceptance interest in "80", "90", "00 after" the group developed considerable number of anime fans "". It can be said that both from the point of view of market development, or from the perspective of cultural transmission, Japanese animation has achieved remarkable achievements. For the scale of the industry and the actual results of the Chinese animation industry, the successful experience of Japanese animation may not be underestimated reference value and reference value. Under the background of globalization, the Japanese animation industry will make full use of the international division of labor to reduce the cost of animation, the animation process in many non core processes outsourced to other companies or studios, and in this process, there are more and more enterprises become China Japanese companies rely on outsourcing services the various providers, undertake processing subcontract production business. This not only reflects the fact that the Japanese enterprises in the animation industry in the international division of labor in the dominant position, but also reflect the Chinese animation industry rapid development momentum from one side, showing China animation has formed a strong industrial base in the industrial and technological level. If we say that China’s animation industry relative to Japan, there is still a clear lack of, then, this lack is mainly concentrated in the content level, especially in the absence of high-quality creativity and stories. In this issue, the Japanese animation accumulated media integration (MediaMix) experience, perhaps the Chinese animation industry can provide important inspiration and valuable reference. In the course of decades of development, Japan has formed a highly mature MediaMix industry model. The so-called "MediaMix", refers to a variety of media platforms across a variety of media carriers to launch cultural and creative products group. This product group formation can be divided into two categories: the first category is the single carrier MediaMix, that is to say, in a certain media carrier launched the works successfully withstood the test of the market, has accumulated a certain popularity.相关的主题文章: