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Gang do hundreds of credit cards to send Taiwan Telecom fraud gang – Sohu news yesterday, do hundreds of cards for telecommunications fraud four defendants trial. Beijing News reporter Liu Yang photo took place in May this year, a bank in Asian Sports Village, a few people with a large number of ID card to do more than the case of bank cards now have new progress. Yesterday morning, the four defendants accused of disrupting credit card management in Chaoyang Court trial, they do hundreds of bank cards is sent to Taiwan Telecom fraud gang use. According to the police, the gang do credit card a "branch" link belongs to telecommunications fraud, they will run the credit card to sell high priced foreign telecom fraud Gang, and for receiving the money transfer fraud victim. Beijing News reporter Liu Yang gang member card each will receive 60 yuan yesterday morning, Li Yanhui and other four men were brought to court, the main defendant Li Yanhui was born in 1994 in four of the youngest, stood beside him Yuan Meiqin is 16 years older than him, two people in the daily office card also produced feelings the development of male and female friends. Public prosecution alleges that Li Yanhui from November 2015 to April 2016, and the remaining 3 people were employed together in Chaoyang District Asian Sports Village postal savings bank and other places, many people use more than 100 credit card fraud. Prosecutors believe that the credit card should be subject to the management of the crime of liability. "I confess…… Just want to make money, a card can earn one hundred." Li Yanhui said, through their own online recruitment card to find the "work", the other told him with a card to tax evasion in the Taobao tax evasion. A man named "China elder brother" home from Guangzhou to send a large number of identity card, let them find the bank card in beijing. His own feeling is too slow to hire the case the defendant to do card, each debit card for 60 yuan. Li Yanhui said, according to "China elder brother" command, he concentrated in Nanjing, CITIC Industrial Bank card, because these banks do other big banks to kirby. If the bank asked why I didn’t do it yourself, and find someone to act as agent, Li Yanhui will let others pretend to himself and the bank on the phone, said he was too busy to go to work. The bank staff alarm has been awarded the Beijing News reporter learned that in March 16th this year, 14 am, Chaoyang Public Security Bureau of Asian Sports Village area police station received the postal savings bank of Asian Sports Village branch staff report, said people who carry identity card for savings card, is suspicious. Police rushed to the scene to see, someone’s man has been banking security department control. Police in the inquiry process, the man spoke haltingly, looked flustered, and can not be said, clear identity of others later, police found 6 of the bank for the identity card of the card from the body. The man is the case defendant Yao Xinwen, he then admitted the fact that the illegal handling of bank cards and other members of the gang. Subsequently, the police according to the clues provided by Yao Xinwen, 9 o’clock in the evening, Changping District in a bungalow in the control cohorts, and seized 35 identity documents and more than 100 bank cards. After interrogation, the suspect Li Yanhui and other 4 people holding other identity documents for bank card crimes.相关的主题文章: