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During the National Day holiday in Guizhou, the smooth flow of large data escort tourists (Figure) – during the national day of the new year, tourists visit Guiyang, Xifeng concentration camp scenic. Yang Guangzhen photo Beijing, October 7 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Yang Guangzhen) "Guizhou traffic police use big data for the analysis of the thermodynamic diagram of a rural area, to avoid traffic congestion phenomenon appeared in the popular scenic spots." Fan Jun, deputy director of Guizhou provincial public security traffic management bureau. Eleven golden week on the 7 day, Guizhou Province, a total of tourists and tourists at home and abroad received a total of 30 million 9 thousand passengers, Guizhou expressway traffic flow into the car, out of the traffic to 7 million 261 thousand vehicles, the number of vehicles, the number of tourists in the region, the total number of tourists in the country, the number of tourists. The traffic flow of tourist traffic is increasing rapidly, but there are no long time and large scale traffic jams in the main roads and main scenic spots in Guizhou province. "In the face of the rapid growth of tourism traffic, Guizhou province police departments at all levels of all the police mobilization, full road, tips to guide the public to travel peak, the day of the wrong time limit line of the heavy duty vehicle, and the use of big data technology blocking Paul chang." Fan Jun introduced, in the territory of Guizhou tourism heat rising Pingtang eye in the sky, Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Fanjing Mountain and other scenic spots, the traffic police department to use big data for the thermodynamic diagram analysis of the scenic, scenic traffic flow, real-time monitoring, early warning information release capacity limit, application of limit line diversion in the main node and access excuse, visitors and vehicles diversion to the adjacent area, a suburb to avoid traffic congestion phenomenon appears in the popular scenic spots. "One does not feel can run in both directions unblockedly, this is the National Day travel peak." Guangxi Nanning self driving tourists Mr. Yang said that the first day of the holiday, for fear of traffic jam, early to go out, all in the blue sea on the highway, the car comfortable in the area, have fun. In recent years, in Guizhou Province, "big tourism" strategy to promote, Guizhou province has built more than 5 thousand km highway, at the end of 2015 the county expressway, at the same time, with the Guiyang Guangzhou high-speed railway, Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail transit, coupled with the "Lord of the thirteen branch line Aviation", three-dimensional traffic system is to make Guizhou become a "quick trip slow travel destinations. (end)相关的主题文章: