School days in the northeast of Southern China in the south of the Yangtze River rain North C 瀬名アスカ

On the first day of the Northeast Southern China Jiangnan rain   North China should travel — Environmental Protection — in Beijing in September 1, according to the Chinese weather network news today (September 1st) is the first day of school, sooner or later the traffic pressure will be significantly increased, so how is the weather? Influenced by the extratropical cyclones, there is still rain in Northeast China; South Eastern, South Central and Southern China have a wide range of rainfall and strong convective weather, local heavy rain and thunderstorms and other areas, the need to arrange travel routes, avoid peak traffic. The next three days, the Yangtze River region or hot weather, pay attention to sunstroke. In North China, Huang Huai and other places in the sunny weather, suitable for travel. Northeast wind and rain intensity weakened but still maintained a rainy state in the week yesterday, by the typhoon, "lion mountain" and the impact of extratropical cyclones, the northeast region and the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, there is still a strong wind and rain. Monitoring shows that yesterday 5 am to 5 pm today, Liaoning, Kaiyuan, Tieling, Jilin new city, Meihekou, and Liuhe Huinan appeared heavy rain, rainfall is the largest in Meihekou, the past 24 hour rainfall reached 83.2 mm. Shenyang, the provincial capital of rainfall is also large, up to 33.4 mm. In the event of a wide range of rainfall at the same time, the wind is relatively strong in this area yesterday, some areas of the wind reached 7-8. Statistics from the Department of civil affairs, as of August 31st 9, the "Lion Rock" caused by Hegang, Shuangyashan, Jiamusi and other 5 cities and 4 counties (city, district) 13 thousand people affected; crops affected area of 4 thousand and 700 hectares, of which nearly 200 hectares of crops; the direct economic loss of more than 2100 yuan. Today, the northeast wind weakened, mainly in small to moderate rain, local heavy rain weather. At the same time, the highest temperature is maintained at about 20 degrees celsius. As the capital city of Harbin, Changchun, light rain throughout the morning peak hours, although rainfall is not, but for Changchun, visibility and temperature will be affected, 8 before and after the temperature is only 16 degrees Celsius, reminded the public especially parents send their children to school the best before go out, to avoid peak traffic, and good warm work. The south from west to East with rainfall in Hunan Guangxi Guangdong will have heavy rain yesterday, south of a new round of rainfall, mainly in overall thundershowers, large areas of rain are relatively weak. Monitoring shows that in the southwest of Guizhou and the northern part of Guangxi, this morning, the strong convective development, there are short-term heavy rainfall, local rainfall over the past 24 hours also reached the magnitude of the storm. Guangxi Nandan rainfall of 134.5 mm, 126.8 mm short Rongan, rainfall intensity is relatively large, up to 40 mm. Today, the rain will continue to push forward the East, the Central Meteorological Observatory is expected in southeastern Hunan, northern Guangdong, Northeastern Guangxi, southeastern Jiangxi and other places in some areas of heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas. In Changsha, Guilin, for example, the morning rush hour showers cloudy in Changsha, the intensity of rainfall will gradually weaken, while the intensity of rainfall in Guilin will gradually increase, while in the 5-8 period, poor visibility. Meteorological departments to remind, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fu相关的主题文章: