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Choose a weekend, go to the phoenix new man? Sohu tourism for listening to the Phoenix from the ashes of the story of us, I am afraid that very few people know this new man hiding in the deep mountains of the phoenix. In the beautiful Suzhou next to Lantau Peak, there is such a silent waiting for the Phoenix mountains. Located in Suzhou, Lantau Peak on the edge of the Phoenix Lake is just waiting for the Phoenix mountains. She is like a dignified imperial concubine, quietly watching this happen all around, in order to better, silently endure people on her change, but eventually the ashes, more charming! Came to Phoenix Lake, the first thing is the square one golden head wings to jiuxiao Phoenix, in the cloudless blue sky is shining, perhaps this is her lofty ideals and high aspirations! Stop in Phoenix Lake, listen to the whispers of your face breeze, like a lover so warm, as if to say this world of grief at separation and joy in union. Take great strides, inadvertently came to the lake amidst the scenic spots called phoenix. Amidst the Taiwan and Lantau Peak across the lake, the lake scenery have poured into the eyes. From time to time wandering in a boat in the lake, suddenly reminded people of rafting in Chibi su. Phoenix Lake around the lush trees, a wild profusion of vegetation. This glittering lake, surrounded by trees is not The grass is green and luxuriant., decorated with a lake, or lake silhouetted against the tree, but there is no doubt that already intoxicated numerous living beings between a landscape of lakes and mountains. The occasional long bell, bring Buddhist piety, all here have become so leisurely. Not see the sunset, heartbroken people in the world, but their friends here by twos and threes running fitness, jump square dance, see the night. See that not far away, the couple should be the QiaoShang Railway Station with acacia, not seen for a long time, or city lights make them with each other, Xiangyixiangwei, Acacia Acacia bridge. In the light, the scene in this does not know how many times, in addition to the painting, who cares? Phoenix Lake seems to have become a good place for people’s leisure and entertainment, the new man of the Phoenix already raised her high head, open her tolerant mind, greeting from people from all sides. We heard the Phoenix Nirvana, ashes, whether in a moment you heard the rain Phoenix rebirth? Don’t you want to have a look at her beauty? If there is an impulse, please do not hesitate to come! Just here!相关的主题文章: