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[topology] accidentally, to accompany you to go for a year! – Sohu science and Technology Association, one year old, old really fast. Last year, we produced 382 daily, including the original topology editing, compiling, topology and topology archives, show summary graphic messages; and 165 startups are sometimes friendly, "and" the exchange; hide a dagger behind a smile in WeChat, headlines, a Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Baidu from the media and other channels received a total of 5 million 323 thousand times of exposure; weekly online sharing program "topology" can be simultaneously broadcast live show in a group, can reach the audience of nearly 2250 people, has accumulated 47 share; use in the "file" in the column of topology searching for 52 companies business services…… Last year, on this day, we made a voice for the world for the first time, like a newborn baby, there is nothing to survive, action instinct. We came to this world, because I heard that the world of business services is very large, want to take a look at. No big brother, no accumulation, we have gone from zero to zero. Perhaps it is because of the way we have been too low-key, so far there are many friends do not know the topology is a department of IT orange hatch. Even from the start of a long period of time, we have only 1 reporters, editors and topology show by other colleagues in the Department part-time (now also). Fortunately, a year down, although not many fans, traffic is not high, there is still a surprise us agency topological evaluation of enterprise services mentioned in the inner circle: "you did a good job content. In addition to the content of what we can not high-profile, and even we ourselves also believe that the current content of the topology is not enough to carry high praise. Therefore, for a long time in the future will still be the topological agency, what do we have to explore and to explore the contents of. We just passable works: editorial interviews; overseas article compiled; topology show business services as concerned about the early investment in the media, from the creation of the first day of topology agency looking for outstanding company excellent mode. We want to find the most investment value of the business model, and the most needed to B products. So far, we have interviewed 165 to B in the field of the digital startups and venture capital circles than simply a drop in the bucket, but in order to ensure the quality, we will continue to adhere to our rhythm. Our current weekly output is: we are doing our best to find the common behind the excellent business model. I have heard in an interview with the founder of the venture and exclaimed "you blurt out questions as like as two peas! "This is perhaps the highest since the establishment of the topology. Many people will ask, what is the difference between you and other entrepreneurial media? Perhaps we can say that we want to do a few things: we give ourselves 60 points at this stage, and then, we will polish the contents of the finer. We need to explore more new forms of content: topics, research, reports need to recognize that in these areas相关的主题文章: