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The old godmother: only know three words but to do business in the world – Sohu financial source: Chinese military strategy (ID:hstl8888 "); you say that I do not know, I pay taxes X million last year, I still act according to my knowledge. " Tao Huabi often says this to people. It was a good thing for the bank to tell her that it was a good thing to do a loan; the government leaders told her that your company could do much more to finance it…… Even in NPC and CPPCC, there are media to support her: why don’t you try these we are in use to do?   every time, Tao Huabi would use that word. She is a very stubborn person, she is stubborn to bring out a phenomenal enterprise. The company never advertise, not loans, not financing, they will produce the product, the dealer will take the money to the door. This enterprise called " old godmother " and she has become a famous brand in Guizhou after Moutai. As a representative of Guizhou entrepreneurs, Tao Huabi is often used and Ren Zhengfei " tied " they are very low-key, insist on not listed. Ren Zhengfei sells communication equipment, set communication rules, sell mobile phone, and she only sell chili sauce. But in the outside world, they are representative of the national brand: because she can sell more than 1 million 500 thousand bottles of chili sauce, also " LaoGanMa" sold to all over the world. Tao Huabi can not be copied almost do not accept the interview, but in the past few years, she and old godmother to discuss the heat as much as some popular technology and Internet enterprises. She almost became a symbol, the topic of energy from the past. Bear and takes stock of collective shout back, people will think of the old godmother: " I am determined not listed, the listing is to deceive people money, I won’t do it. I have a government officer to talk about the listing, I told him: do not talk about! You asked me for money, I didn’t have it. " brand is far higher than the domestic price of exposed products abroad, people will think of the old godmother: " I do not know the old godmother sold to many countries, I can only tell you that the world where there are Chinese people have old godmother. Domestic (product) is much cheaper. I am Chinese, I do not earn Chinese money, I want to sell the old godmother to go abroad, foreigners earn money! " frequent microfinance and the rapid development of P2P and problems, and some people will remember the old godmother: " I don’t owe the government a penny, employees don’t owe a penny, owed a penny I have can’t sleep sleep. Between suppliers and agents, and do not default, I don’t owe you, you don’t owe me. " business environment is more complex, more and more people miss Tao Huabi this simple business logic. Many public opinion has tried to analyze her success, and summed up a lot of so-called " rule ". But in fact, many old godmother " method.相关的主题文章: