Shanghai civil service exam this year to start the interview results shall not be less than 60 point 工号9527为您服务�����

Shanghai civil service exam this year to start the registration interview results shall not be less than 60 of 2017 Shanghai civil servant recruitment examination announcement released yesterday, the position in the table also be released. The examination to take the form of online registration, registration time for November 9, 2016 0:00 to 12:00 in November 15th, the registration site for the Shanghai municipal civil service bureau website, written examination time is scheduled for December 18, 2016. The "Shanghai test plan recruiting 1894 jobs, a total of 3928 people, essentially flat with last year. The integrated management class except professional exam from optimization of the examination, the city in 2017 to continue job recruiting civil servants are divided into comprehensive management, politics and law, economic management, financial management, information management, management of city construction and rural construction management and other seven categories, including comprehensive management positions this year is no longer written test subject, only test "proposal" and "the administration occupation ability test" two public courses; the other categories of jobs based on the public subject written examination on the need to test the corresponding professional examination subjects. During the interview, the part of the professional requirements of higher position, will also test the necessary professional knowledge and skills. Market supervision and law enforcement system has been incorporated into the administrative enforcement of the civil service classification reform, this year will be in accordance with the reform after the enforcement of the civil service job sequence and job duties requires the implementation of recruitment, and gradually explore the administrative enforcement of the civil service classification recruiting. Interview results shall not be less than 60 points after the end of the interview, the Shanghai civil service examination will be in accordance with the comprehensive results from high to low in order to determine the candidates to enter the physical examination. Comprehensive results of the calculation method is: the written examination total score of 40%, interview scores accounted for 60% (written test scores and interview results according to percentile conversion). Individual job plans to hire number and the actual number is lower than the proportion of the interview 1:3, recruiting units according to the appropriate reduction recruit. Unlike in previous years, the 2017 Shanghai Civil Servants Recruiting announcement special provisions "investigation into the physical examination personnel interview results shall not be less than 60 years," has not been clearly defined. There is a gap from the previous years recruiting situation part of job demands, there are certain gap position demand, such as public security and judicial system of the medical system, the position of supervision, inspection of fishing vessels, fishery and animal health supervision and law enforcement positions at the grassroots level. Candidates eligible to apply for the above positions can be focused on. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau subordinate unit based service, mainly engaged in the community, public security, traffic, traffic police, patrol, and supervision of public security grass-roots front-line law enforcement work, recruiting 414 people, in the position in the table is rare. Want to report this position to comply with the public security organs of the people’s police recruitment conditions, this job belongs to the grassroots people’s police and law, minimum service life of 5 years, for allocations and counties and the Council Supervision Corps, corps rail, Farm Bureau and other departments. The position limit for men, the police dream male candidates, this is a rare opportunity, students should grasp the. Hot news: Shanghai: before the end of the tax payment of individual housing property tax relief on 6 cases of haze相关的主题文章: