A chicken farm in Zhangzhou discovered 60 pounds of Python swallowed 6 chickens also refused to go. shdoclc.dll

A chicken farm in Zhangzhou discovered 60 pounds of Python swallowed 6 chickens would not leave the network September 18th news (reporter Wang Huimin correspondent Liu Junhua Fujian Zhu Bixing) September 18th morning, Wei Pu Cun Nanjing Longshan County of Zhangzhou City, a farm shop in weighing about 60 pounds of big snake, and later later refused to leave. In order to avoid the harm of python, the chicken farm workers ask for help. Nanjing fire brigade dispatched 1 rescue vehicles and 7 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene disposal. Fire officers and men together with farmers captured boa Python farmers said, early in the morning, when he went to the breeding workshop to prepare feeding, surprised to find a dozen chickens were injured in varying degrees, inventory, found that about 6 less. When he suddenly saw the snake cage under workshop, to scare a lost soul. Because the python body is huge, the farmers are not close enough. When the fire brigade approached, the snake suddenly alert, originally curled up body began to expand, and stretch out, open mouthed, exposed teeth, continued to issue "hissing" demonstrations. The boa constrictor is tied in a big woven bag to prevent the snake from attacking, and the fire officers and soldiers wear protective equipment. Two soldiers have rich experience to the python snake gently close, use a shovel to flush out the snake, the other men used the tongs to hold down the snake seven inches, different parts of the remaining few soldiers and farmers seized pythons, together with the snake caught in a prepared bags in, and tied the bag. Afterwards, the fire officers and soldiers contacted the relevant personnel of the forestry department and released the python. Fire officers and soldiers to remind the general public, now is the autumn season, the snake looking for food to prepare for hibernation satiety. Public friends must do snake prevention measures, if you encounter snakes, must not blindly grasp the snake, so as not to be bitten.

漳州一养鸡场惊现60斤大蟒蛇 吞了6只鸡还不肯走   闽南网9月18日讯(闽南网记者 王惠敏 通讯员 刘俊华 朱必星)9月18日上午,漳州市南靖县龙山镇圩埔村一养鸡场车间内惊现重约60斤大蟒蛇,且迟迟不肯离去。为避免蟒蛇伤人,养鸡场工人报警求助。南靖消防大队出动1辆抢险救援车及7名消防官兵赶赴现场处置。   消防官兵同养殖户一起捕获大蟒蛇   养殖户说,今天一早,他到养殖车间准备喂食时,惊讶地发现十几只鸡不同程度受伤,清点时,发现约少了6只。当他突然看到车间鸡笼下的这条大蟒蛇时,都要吓丢了魂。   由于蟒蛇身体庞大,养殖户不敢靠近。当消防官兵慢慢靠近时,这条蟒蛇突然变得警惕,原本蜷缩的身体开始扩张,并且伸出头,张开大口,露出牙,不断发出“嘶嘶”的示威声。   蟒蛇被捆在大编织袋内   为防止被蛇袭击,消防官兵们戴好防护装备。两名有丰富捕蛇经验的官兵轻轻向蟒蛇靠近,利用铁锹将蛇驱赶出来,另一名官兵则用火钳压住蛇的七寸要处,其余几名官兵及养殖户随即抓住蟒蛇的不同部位,一同将这条蟒蛇抓进事先准备好的大编织袋中,并捆好袋口。事后,消防官兵联系了林业部门相关人员,将蟒蛇放生。   消防官兵提醒广大市民,现在正是入秋时节,蛇四处寻找食物为冬眠饱腹做准备。市民朋友一定要做好防蛇措施,如果遇到蛇,切忌盲目抓蛇,以免被咬伤。相关的主题文章: