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Game – a magazine in three steps! Rational kickoff 20 yards increased swing is not a dream of a magazine let you kick off 20 yards distance increased from the "golf magazine" original title: "raise your swing a magazine let the distance increased to 20 yards" learning a swing change what is the first step? Focused on the environment and repeat until the correct master (which is a good example). This is called the "centralized" training, is an ideal way to consolidate the strange action program. But because you end up playing a little beat the same shot, so concentrate on training may become an obstacle to the new action you will take to the field in the barricade. So if you can do without thinking a new action in practice, can be converted to the "random" mode. Every swing change clubs, hit, target or ball. (for example, from No. 1 to No. 7 pole hitting iron shots, and then to the semi volatile dug up shots.) This helps your imagination and in the course of complete stroke. I work with the PGA tour players 90% practice time spent in "random" mode, only in the confirmation of specific technical implementation capacity to focus on training. 90 than 10 of the time to master the new action score at the crucial moment. No. 1 wooden swing take the ball downward angle may make you lose a lot of distance. According to the Trackman swing detector estimates, even if the face hit the sweet spot, this error will be reduced about 10% of the striking force. The ball ball rotation angle -5° +5° 3687 RPM 2607 RPM flight distance of 206  230 yard total distance 240  265 yard above data is 95 miles per hour on the swing. Swing speed slower and faster players will have a similar distance difference. Conclusion? Striking downward kick off killer. To grasp the ball up strong, can try the following exercise: first step   according to the conventional ball rack. In the 1 place second inch rear seat ball, and placed a "Golf" magazine at the top, as shown in the formation of a "ramp". The second step   with a 3/4 swing speed exercise a few times. Goal: do not touch the magazine hit the ball. The third step   gradually increased clubhead speed to full speed, every time to ramp down the slide. Once up feeling, don’t try to hit the magazine. Bang! 20 yards in front of the extra distance. Source: "golf magazine" original title: "raise your swing a magazine let the distance 20 yards increased" 球技-一本杂志三步法!理性挥杆开球增加20码不是梦 一本杂志让你开球距离增加20码   文章来源:《高尔夫杂志》  原标题:《提升你的挥杆 一本杂志让距离增加20码》   学习一种挥杆变化的第一步是什么?在专注的环境下重复练习直到正确掌握(上面就是一个很好的例子)。这被称为“集中”训练,是巩固陌生动作程序的理想途径。但由于你下场打球时很少连续击打相同的击球,因此集中训练有可能成为阻碍你将新动作带到球场的路障。因此如果你在练习中能够不假思索地完成一个新动作,就可以转换到“随机”模式。每次挥杆都更换球杆、击球方式、目标或球位。(比如,从1号木杆击球换到7号铁杆击球,再到半挥挖起杆击球。)这有助于你发挥想象力和在球场上完成击球。与我合作的美巡赛球员90%的练习时间花在“随机”模式上,只是在确认特定技术的执行能力时才进行集中训练。用90比10的时间掌握新动作——在关键时刻得分。   1号木挥杆时采取向下的触球角度或许让你损失很多距离。根据Trackman挥杆检测仪估算,即使打中杆面甜蜜点,这一错误也会减少大约10%的击球力度。 触球角度 -5° +5° 球旋 3687转 分钟 2607转 分钟 飞行距离 206 码 230码 总距离 240 码 265码   以上数据是基于95英里 小时的挥杆。挥杆速度更慢和更快的球员也会有类似的距离差异。结论?向下击打是开球杀手。要掌握有力的上行触球,可尝试以下练习:   第1步 按常规架球。在球座后侧1英寸放置第二个球,并在上面摆一本《高尔夫》杂志,如图所示形成一个“坡道”。   第2步 用四分之三的挥杆速度练习几次击球。目标:不碰杂志击中球。   第3步 逐渐增加杆头速度至全速,每次都顺着坡道向上滑行。一旦形成上行的感觉,不用杂志尝试击球。砰!20码额外距离就在眼前。   文章来源:《高尔夫杂志》  原标题:《提升你的挥杆 一本杂志让距离增加20码》相关的主题文章: