Accountability misconduct parents need to take action

Accountability dereliction of duty parentsneed action original title: accountability for dereliction of duty parents need to take action according to the author: Zhang rose "City Express" reported recently in Hangzhou, a 6 year old boy have a fever to stay at home, the parents go to work, take care of the grandmother saw the boy fall asleep and went out to buy food, go home when they found the child from tall buildings falling dead. In recent years, similar cases occur. At the same time for the children to be hurt and regret, should not be held responsible for the guardian, how to pursue, but also attracted great controversy. Because parents neglect, the consequences may be fatal. Hangzhou, the boy falls dead case, no doubt quite representative. Two months ago, a district in Guangzhou, Whampoa  had also occurred in the same case – a boy of the age of 23 from the fall of the dead, the incident at home alone at the time of the incident. In addition to falling dead, the child is often forgotten in the car tragedy: in June 2015, Hunan, Xiangtan, a father accidentally locked his son in the car to talk about business, eventually leading to the death of his son under the age of 4 years old. In this bloody case, it is very difficult for us to ignore the responsibility of custody vacancy. We often discuss children’s safety issues, to eliminate wild swimming, improve milk standards, care for children’s products quality inspection results, but often ignored the custody of their child injury caused by security is important even the primary reason, but the real parents negligence legal accountability, but very rare. In 2012, a 1 year old father to his daughter on the 14 floor corridor on the windowsill to accidentally fall dead, was convicted of the crime of negligence causing death, was sentenced to six years imprisonment. Not to mention the existence of this case is the wife of her husband to court the particularity, so that the public can be held responsible for dereliction of duty case is too little or too little. The reason, on the one hand, the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect. The general principles of the civil law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that if the guardian fails to perform his duty of guardianship or infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of the guardian, he shall bear the responsibility. But what responsibility, who will execute the punishment, but did not elaborate; the "criminal law" in the crime of abandonment and abuse are also facing execution problems in reality. Except causing serious injury or death, is often a case of private prosecution, it is difficult to imagine a child, spouse will directly to the courts to their family members. Local laws and regulations, there is the problem of partial soft accountability. In the "Chengdu juvenile protection regulations" as an example, although the regulations do not allow the minors under the age of 6 in unattended places or entrusted to the unattended ability, but to watch "in violation of the provisions of the guardian, only a" relevant departments and units to give criticism and education "punish". But in the United States and other developed countries, the parents fault accountability is the minor children of homely food, alone at home or in the car is a crime, and was therefore imprisoned or deprived of custody of the parents There are plenty of people who. On the other hand, some of the public’s understanding of the guardian’s responsibility is not in place. Many people believe that, after the tragedy, the guardian itself is the biggest victim, and they are too much of a careless, and then pursue their fault liability, the situation is difficult to accommodate. However, parents of children is not a "private.相关的主题文章: