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Internet-and-Business-Online SMO or social media optimization is nothing but an integral part of search engine optimization process. In SMO, a website is optimized by using social networking sites, blogs, online .munities etc. Those website owners, who want to enhance their web presence can take advantage of the SMO services India. The concept of SMO services is drive traffic without spending money. For this job, links are created on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger. People visiting these websites follow the link and .e to the optimized website. Social media .panies India undertake two ways for doing SMO. The first method is related to RSS or really simple syndication feeds, sharing social news and introducing videos or images. The second method is all about promotional activities such as group discussions, blogging and status updating on social networks. Covered under SMO services India, these methods are implemented free of cost for search engine marketing. SMO is basically related to search engine advertising but in reality it goes beyond core SEO. In SMO, traffic is driven from other sites rather than search engines. This process of driving traffic is helpful in increasing the search ranking. You can term it viral marketing. Social networks spread message spreads by videos, image sharing sites and bookmarking websites. Blogging using RSS feeds fulfill the same objective. A well designed website can get immense traffic with the help of SMO services India. Popularity of a website is measured by the links – both inbound and outbound. Inbound links helps augment the search engine ranking and in this way online presence. Websites and blogs with back links to a website should be created. Bookmarking and tagging are also essential. An informative and entertaining content feature should be added to bookmark popular social sites that link back to your website. SMO services India cover all these aspects. You can take advantage of these SMO techniques by hiring a SMM India. Numerous .panies offer SMO services India but it is quite difficult to track down a trustworthy SMO India out of many. Since SMO consultants in India offer cost effective services, everyone is heading towards India for maximum gain. On the other hand, many pseudo firms have .e up to earn more money. Therefore it is prudent to go with the .pany that has vast experience and a long list of satisfied clients. You can ask your consultant to provide you some websites, which he has optimized. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: