Allergic baby these foods can not eat! This vaccine can’t be vaccinated! Sohu – (video) sweets parade

Allergic baby: these foods can not eat! This vaccine can’t be vaccinated! – Sohu maternal and child food allergy is the human immune system error, the allergic reaction to food. As far as Chinese children are concerned, the most common allergenic foods include milk, eggs, nuts, wheat, and so on. So when the baby food allergy how to do? Diet should pay attention to what? This period of "healthy growth" kangaroo care center director Ma invited Beijing Children’s Hospital Liu Li, to introduce: diet food allergy baby. (experts: Liu Li, director of Beijing Children’s Hospital, health care center at the children’s physical and psychological development of children, nutrition, immunization and other aspects of the work, especially in infants and young children have higher attainments. Intelligent assessment and early education) Video address: how to determine whether the baby food allergies? Want to know whether the child has a food allergy, according to the child’s symptoms and related checks to determine the overall. Normally, the baby allergies, will appear the following symptoms: 1, skin and mucous membrane reaction: allergic infants in the first year after birth of the earliest, most often, the most common is the baby eczema, skin itching, erythema. Children with eczema are usually susceptible to allergies. There are children will be dry and rough skin, conjunctival redness and other symptoms. 2, gastrointestinal reactions: Baby indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, and even hematochezia. 3, the respiratory system reactions: usually the skin mucous membrane and digestive tract reaction came later, as the child stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, sleep snoring etc.. With the increase of age, the first few years after the birth of the baby’s food allergies and eczema, can gradually evolve into allergic diseases, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis, eczema is gradually reduce the symptoms, and allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis gradually increased. Food allergy baby food taboos 1, mild to moderate allergy: breastfeeding baby: mother should immediately stop eating caused the baby food allergies, such as children of milk protein, nuts, fish and other allergies, mother will not eat these foods, and to observe the baby’s sensitive symptoms are alleviated. If the child’s symptoms of allergies, growth and development as well as sleep and daily activities are better, then continue to take this approach to treatment. Mothers do not directly stop breast milk, should be based on the doctor’s advice to decide. Because breast milk is the best food for babies, after turning off may lead to inadequate secretion of breast milk or milk back, it is difficult for breastfeeding. Have to add complementary or normal eating baby, if after eating a certain food allergies, mothers should pay attention to, later to avoid the baby to eat this kind of food. Even if you want to add, but also in accordance with the principle of less to more: first add a little bit to see if there is no allergic reaction to the baby, if it occurs, immediately stop eating; if not, the next time you can add a little more. 2, severe allergies: if the way to avoid allergic food through her mother or not"相关的主题文章: