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"Fans" Alonso: I support Real Madrid but Messi is the best F1 two world champion Alonso sina sports F1 two world champion Fernando Alonso admitted: he went to Camp Nou watched the game, but only to see his idol Messi game, because he loves the team is still Barca’s rivals real madrid. If you think Alonso thinks C is the best player in the world, because he’s a Real Madrid fan, you’re wrong. Alonso’s favorite player is Messi, who believes that Argentina 10 is the best football player in the world. In a commercial activity in Argentina, Alonso admitted that he had been watching the Nou Camp, but just to see Messi play. "I’m a Real Madrid fan, but Messi is the best player in the world." Alonso said that he will participate in the weekend F1 Brazil station competition. "I am love like Gonzalo Higuain and Gago Argentina player," Alonso said, "I only went to see Messi at the Nou camp." (sina sports racing channel)相关的主题文章: