Americans look at the complex emotional 911 Anniversary of solidarity was replaced by fear of 15 – C

Americans see complex emotions of "911" 15 anniversary of solidarity by fear replace – Beijing [Global Times special correspondent Wang Yi] "four aircraft crashed into New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the United States is changed forever." 11, the United States in grief and reflection in the "9? 11" 15 anniversary of the attack. CNN (CNN) describes the impact of the disaster on the United states. Agence France-Presse said, "9? 11" is the first time the United States suffered external attacks in 200 years, which led to the American led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the war lasted more than and 10 years, the attack has not only changed the United States, and the world. The regular course of official duties commemoration of 11 local time, across the United States have opened commemorative activities, recalling "9? 2977 of the victims of 11 disasters. At 8:46 in the morning, the plane crashed into New York’s Petronas Twin Towers times, a large number of people began to silence in the site before the alarm at the same time. The Associated Press, New York every year the anniversary is different, but some things have become traditional: silence, and to read out one by one the name of the dead. The silence first from the "9? At the world Petronas Twin Towers ruins the collapse of the 11 terrorist attacks". U.S. presidential candidates Trump and Hilary attended the commemoration of the site of the world trade center in New York. In Washington, President Obama and Defense Secretary Carter, chairman Deng Fude will be held to "9? 11 family members and friends of the victims" speech. 10, 2009, the city of New York held a memorial ceremony for the fire department, mayor Bai Sihao said that the fire of the 343 firefighters to show the selflessness and courage, the glory of human nature". Ronnie Keith? Is 343 firemen sacrifice one of. 15 years later, his 3 sons also became a firefighter — son Tommy and two son Ronnie is the New York City Fire Department firefighters, the younger son Bobby served as director of the Long Island Keith in Merrick fire department. Tommy said, "the news that he lost his father complete growth in 10 minutes.". In addition, there are many, in the "9? 11" at the expense of the police and firemen’s children inherited the mantle of parents of two sons, when he was Secretary of the New York Fire Department of Gansu also became firefighters. The injured are still in distress, and some people have long forgotten the disaster to nearly three thousand families of the victims to bring incalculable pain, it is difficult to heal. Hughes’s husband in the "9? 11 killed", she said "Newsweek", the relatives of the victims sometimes see the memorial plaza’s impolite behavior, will feel uncomfortable. Hughes said: "people in the background of the two Petronas Twin Towers collapsed, smiling at the camera, it does not respect people. I’ve also seen people running and laughing around the museum with kids. I don’t think they understand this is a museum." Some people forget not only this catastrophe, some people even regard it as a selling point. Texas, a manufacturer of mattresses company because of a copy of "9? 11 promotional advertising attacks sparked outrage. "Daily Mail" reported that the name "miracle.相关的主题文章: