Andouble’s wish to express constitutional amendment in parliament will be the focus of the election

Andouble expressed willingness in the constitutional Congress that will serve as the focus of the original title: Japan’s election Andouble expressed willingness in the constitutional Congress that will serve as the focus of Japan’s election in February 4, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s prime minister Abe Shinzo this month 4 in the House budget committee meeting expressed a strong willingness to amend the constitution. He said, "because this is our constitution, we can’t afford to lose the spirit of practical thinking. Don’t stop thinking because you can’t touch the impossible idea." Japanese media pointed out that Andouble intends to take constitutional amendment as the focus of the election of the Senate, the speech is to Congress and the national appeal for further discussion. On the 3 day he in Congress when the respondent mentioned in article ninth of the constitution amendment necessity, Andouble said "the national discussion is not thorough, (Amendment) is not supported". On the next election in the house of Representatives, Andouble expressed the hope that in the implementation of the reform of the electoral system, correct the "one vote" (the number of voters between each member represented by) held after. He pointed out: "it is important to reflect the change in the next election."." According to the analysis, this speech may take into account the Liberal Democratic Party’s cautious opinions on the reduction of seats, hoping to make the discussion more active. Andouble also said that "the bill will be submitted" implied that the amendment to the public election act should be submitted during the current congress. Andouble had previously argued that before the reform of the electoral system, the Prime Minister of the dissolution of the house of representatives will not be bound right. The expert survey to cut the 10 seats in the house of representatives of Japan as the main content of the proposal in the budget committee report, Andouble stressed: "I said that I would be respected. After the discussions within the Liberal Democratic Party, it will ultimately be up to me." He also said: "local voters may lose valuable representatives, leading to their opinion can not be conveyed, should not be handled lightly." Editor in chief: SN226

安倍在国会表达修宪意愿 称将作为日本大选焦点   原标题:安倍在国会表达修宪意愿 称将作为日本大选焦点   中新网2月4日电 据日媒报道,日本首相安倍晋三本月4日在众院预算委员会议上表达了修改宪法的强烈意愿。他说:“因为这是我们的宪法,我们自己不能失去切实思考的精神。不能因丝毫触碰不得的想法而停止思考。”   日媒指出,安倍有意把修宪作为参院选举的焦点,此番言论是在向国会议员及国民呼吁增进讨论。关于3日他在国会答辩时提及了修改必要性的宪法第9条,安倍表示“国民的讨论尚不深入,(修改设想)还没有获得支持”。   关于下届众院选举,安倍表示希望在实现众院选举制度改革、纠正“一票之差”(每名议员所代表的选民人数的差异)后举行。   他指出:“能够在下届选举中切实反映出变化至关重要。”据分析,这一发言可能是考虑到自民党内对削减议席的慎重意见,希望使讨论更趋活跃。   安倍还说“将提交法案”,暗示有意在本届国会期间提交《公职选举法》修正案。此前安倍曾答辩称在选举制度改革之前,首相的众院解散权也不会受到束缚。   有关以削减10个日本众院席位为主要内容的专家调查会的建议报告,安倍在预算委员会上强调:“我说过会予以尊重。在自民党内部进行讨论后最终将由我决定。”他同时表示:“地方选民可能会失去宝贵的代表,导致自己的意见无法传达,不应轻率处理。” 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: