Anhui Tongling a man fooled more than 130 relatives and engage in marketing run at the end of iptd-651

Anhui Tongling a man fooled more than 130 relatives and engage in marketing   run at the end of three captured society Beijing 12 September, according to the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau website news, 2010 February Tongling Xiemou in fellow pan mouguo two brothers flicker, gave up his lucrative business doings of ghosts and gods go Lucai. On the road to pursue their own wealth myth, and his niece also fooled came, eventually fooled more than 130 relatives and friends to join the organization, only Tongling had ten friends and relatives to be fooled to join in, the organization was eventually identified as MLM organizations, instant fall apart into money, naturally boondoggle, Xie and his niece, Panmou brothers also suspected of organizing and leading the crime pyramid, has recently been taken to the police measures. According to the police, to pay 70 thousand yuan (69800 yuan fee, 200 yuan telephone charges) after you can become a member of the voluntary chain operation ", and then continue to develop the" clerk ", as long as the" clerk "to the continuous development of the" clerk ", to" white ", finally earn 10 million 400 thousand yuan, this is the so-called" 1040 sunshine project". Many people in MLM cheated alarm case but also to begin from 2013: June of that year, Wang came to the Public Security Bureau (Ngee Ann then Tongling County Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade) reported that May was a friend Chen cheated to Henan to join Zhengzhou, called "voluntary chain business", the cheated 70 thousand yuan. Since then, one after another, a dozen people came to the brigade report, said were being lied to the Henan Zhengzhou to participate in the "voluntary chain operation", each person cheated 70 thousand yuan. By the Economic Investigation Brigade investigation, "the so-called voluntary chain business" is a new marketing organization, its activities obviously conforms to pull the head, to pay membership dues, the development of offline feature to seek illegal interests, is confirmed by public security departments for Industry and commerce marketing activities. In Tongling these people are involved in the marketing of relatives and friends with each other to enter, the highest leadership is Yi An District Xu BA Xiang xiemou. The brigade then Xiemou suspected organization, leading MLM investigation. Difficult to visit the police through the investigation of evidence, the preliminary identification of the downline members have been up to more than 130, of which about from the city of about 30, and the rest mostly from Shucheng. Then the police arrested xiemou. In three years every night dreaming is caught the police repeatedly to Xiemou home arrest, found Xiemou had fled the field, and the elusive. To be arrested, the police on its online pursuit. Since then, police investigators repeatedly by family and friends to find Xiemou escape clues, persuade them to surrender, but three years later, Xiemou still heard. Recently, the police investigators in the work to get a clue, Xiemou a relative may know his clue. Police immediately found Xiemou the relatives, patience to do its ideological work, hope he persuade Xiemou to surrender as early as possible. In the end the relatives of persuasion, in June this year, thanks to a back away from Tongling for three years, take the initiative to surrender to the public security organs. See the police, he seems to be great relief)相关的主题文章: