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Anorectal disease prevention to "rectification" – health Sohu in the recently held China Preventive Medicine Association of anorectal disease prevention and control of the Specialized Committee to set up the general assembly, the chairman of the Committee on Ayue around "anorectal diseases can be prevented and controlled, increasing attention, combining prevention with control" the theme of the conference said: Health Education in patients with anorectal anorectal diseases is a lot of people think that the lack of small, feel shy to go to the hospital, even after their Internet search "an antidote against the disease". I have encountered such patients in the outpatient clinic, which has not put hematochezia seriously, think it is haemorrhoid, decide to buy some clinics or pharmacies in the treatment of Hemorrhoids Suppository or ointment into anus, or taking some hemostatic and anti-inflammatory drugs, and finally to the hospital for a check, is found to have advanced colorectal cancer, lost treatment the opportunity. Therefore, the doctor should calm down to the people to do a good job of science popularization. Including how to tell them how to properly exercise according to individual circumstances, to develop a correct and reasonable eating habits and prevention of constipation, etc.. I propose to learn as a platform, the integration of a team of experts to carry out health education and health promotion activities, improve people’s attention on anorectal diseases. Surgical treatment of excessive phenomenon is serious now the Department of anus & intestine surgery market is chaotic, West Hospital, Chinese medicine hospital, private hospitals and private hospitals and small clinics anorectal surgery is mixed, uneven, some conservative treatment can solve the disease, early use of the PPH (minimally invasive surgery hemorrhoids). I like hemorrhoids, our main clinical use of oral medicine (30 flavor, containing pangolin, giant knotweed, Dendrobium Earrings etc.) treatment can obtain good curative effect, many doctors to seek maximum benefits, the use of the PPH. We want to play special talent, to carry out scientific research in the field of prevention and treatment of anorectal disease, assist in the development of industry standards, especially the prevention and control of technical standards of scientific and standardized. Simple and appropriate technology is not enough to promote the promotion of a suitable technology, the first to be safe, followed by effective. Clinically, because anorectal surgeons method is not standardized, caused by iatrogenic scar high rates. Congenital anorectal stenosis, also after anorectal operation caused by injection of sclerosing agent or sequelae, present the trend rate of increase. There are many surgical methods for the treatment of the disease, such as expanding anus, hanging thread, skin flap transplantation, etc., but the patient’s pain is great, the treatment course is long, the scar caused by the operation will affect the anal closure. Again, for hemorrhoids, we often only need a Shaobei injection into the affected area, just 10 minutes after hemorrhoid visible atrophy, supplemented by bath, a week can be cured, and mostly without scar and induration formation. The standardized treatment of anorectal surgery, simplified treatment and actively promote imperative. In a lot of anorectal disease therapeutic areas, showing great advantages of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, so I think a good doctor should learn to use the traditional Chinese medicine. Some doctors complain that the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is not good and slow, in fact, failed to grasp the profound connotation of Chinese medicine. As long as willing to work hard, Chinese medicine can create many miracles. Of course, every success will be established in the years of solid research and clinical verification, accumulate steadily on the basis of. Chinese traditional Chinese medicine.相关的主题文章: