Apple suffered quality door touch screen failure iPhone 6plus more and more

Apple has quality gate touch screen failure iPhone 6 Plus more and more news August 28th, today iPhone 6 Plus has been released for nearly two years, from the beginning of the next "leucorrhea Tucao to bend the door", the iPhone 6 series may be suffering from a type discussion. However, old wounds healed, and new injury, foreign media recently said that the failure of the iPhone 6 series touch screen mobile phone more and more. Apple into a quality gate foreign mobile phone media website AppleInsider in an exclusive news recently released show that in American traffic quite high four Apple stores, more than 15 users to repair iPhone for failure to touch screen. The touch screen failure refers to the part of the iPhone 6 series models will appear at the top of the screen, flashing a grey stripe, with the passage of time, these stripes will be gradually expanded, the touch screen on the fingers of the feedback is getting worse, no response or response is not sensitive problem. IPhone 6 plus the most problems it is understood that the problem was exposed before four days, four Apple stores a total of 2804 maintenance needs help Phone users, the number of iPhone 6 users is the number 547, iPhone Plus 6 users to 965 people, finally there were 47 iPhone 6, 265 iPhone 6 Plus is recognized as a touch screen failure, accounted for 8.5%, 27.5%. Followed by the problems after exposure of three days, a total of 3039 iPhone users come to seek help, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively 564, 1094, and confirmed the touch screen fault were 66, 409, accounted for 11.7%, 37.4%. From the data point of view, the proportion of touch screen failure in the amount of iPhone aftermarket maintenance, doubled from the previous 11% to 22%. On the iPhone 6 series of the Apple Corp did not comment on speculation, will appear in the iPhone 6 series is probably the biggest issue is the touch controller chip welding due to loose, especially iPhone 6 Plus, larger screen and more easily under the fuselage problem. Fortunately, however, the problem does not appear on the iPhone 6S series phones.相关的主题文章: